FFXV Hydraulic Cylinder Locations

Hydraulic Cylinder is an item You can pick up in Final Fantasy XV. You need this item in order to complete the A Better Gravity Well quest.
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When you have the item, visit Cid in his garage in Hammerhead. He’ll use it to upgrade your Gravity Well. In this guide, we aim to show you all of the Final Fantasy XV Hydraulic Cylinders locations.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we discover new locations.

Where to find Hydraulic Cylinder in FFXV

One of the locations in which you can find the Hydraulic Cylinder is in the Zegnautus Keep dungeon. As you walk around the area, eventually you’ll run across a conference room, with many screens displaying flags and some kind of 3D projector in the middle. After you kill the enemies, go around the central conference table and you’ll find the item there.

The second location is marked on the map as a treasure spot. You’ll find it north of Fort Vaullerey. There is a group of level 25 Spiracorns nearby. They need to be defeated in order so you can collect the item.

Note: We would like to thank Psyborg for additional information.

If you are feeling lucky, you can test it on the MX Mech units. They drop from the Imperial Drop Ships during the night in Duscae. They are high level (70+) and hit hard.

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Like many other items that are labeled as treasure items, the Hydraulic Cylinder seems to be fairly useless to the player. Other than selling it for gil, it doesn’t appear to have any purpose. Hold off the selling just yet, though. The Hydraulic Cylinder is absolutely necessary to complete the Better Gravity Well quest. Essentially, once you get this item, you should pay Cid the mechanic a visit as soon as you can. Unequip the Gravity Well if it’s equipped, then give both the weapon and the Hydraulic Cylinder to Cid. Through his amazing tinkering skills, Cid will use the Cylinder to turn the Gravity Well into an improved version called Gravity Well II. This might take some time to complete, so you’ll want to do some side questing or cruise around in the Regalia to kill some time. When you come back to pick up the finished weapon, you’ll be awarded some EXP and a more powerful weapon.

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