Final Fantasy 15 Better Valiant Quest - Where to find Earth Gemstone

A Better Valiant quest in Final Fantasy XV is one the sidequests you can do to boost the damage of the Valiant firearm. This is a unique weapon that you can buy from Tony in Cape Caem by trading Caem Carrots.
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When you speak with Cid Sophiar in Hammerhead Outpost, he will offer you to upgrade your Valiant pistol. In this guide, we will show you how complete Final Fantasy 15 A Better Valiant quest, upgrade this firearm and get even more damage from it.

FFXV Valiant Upgrade

Valiant is one of the rare items in the game that can be upgraded to a better version, to deal even more damage. It is a unique firearm that is crafted with Insomnian technology and it absorbs the elemental powers of defeated enemies.

First of all, in order to get this weapon, you will need to have four carrots in your inventory to trade with Tony in Cape Caem. When you get the Valiant, head over to Cid, who is located in Hammerhead Outpost and activate A Better Valiant quest. He will require that you bring him an Earth Gemstone. If you are having problems with finding this gemstone, our guide will show you where to find Earth Gemstone.

Once you have the Earth Gemstone in your inventory, head back to Cid and speak with him. He will say that you must wait a certain period of time for him to finish upgrading the weapon. Make sure to go and complete one quest or hunt, and then rest. Once you’ve done that, you will receive a call from Cid, so head back to his station and collect Valiant II. The upgraded version of this weapon deals 200 damage. This 25% boost in damage is definitely worth the trouble of finishing the quest if you are a fan of ranged weapons.