Final Fantasy 15 Debased & Rare Coin Farming Locations

Rare and Debased Coins are items in Final Fantasy XV. They’re key ingredients in creating a powerful spell called Expericast. This spell is a part of many experience and AP leveling guides. The experience it gives upon casting is what it makes so unique, and much needed if you want to partake in speed leveling. In this guide, we’re going to show you Debased & Rare coin farming locations in Final Fantasy 15.

FF 15 Debased Coins Farming Method

We’ve already written about certain Debased Coins Locations, places where they to be found 100% of the time. But since you need more and there are so few, there is a bit of a different approach you can take. It relies on the fact that almost every blue item that lies on ground, gives a random item. Debased coins are one of these random items.

What does that mean? It means that once you find these blue items, you save the game. Collect them and hope for the Debased Coin. If it doesn’t happen to be it, reload the latest save and try again. Although it is a bit of a time consuming process (especially with these loading times), at least you’ll have an additional opportunity for a Coin. We’ve made a map of all known random item locations. It is not complete, but at least you’ll not wander around too much.

Debased Coins Location Map FFXV

Rare Coins Locations in FFXV

Rare Coins are almost exclusively found within dungeons, even more inside the chapter 15 locked metal door ones. The other efficient method of getting them is with Gladiolus’ help. His skill, Survival, increases the chances of gaining Rare Coins during and after fights. Although this is the best method, you’ll have to rely on the RNG gods.

One of the Rare Coin locations is in Steyliff Grove (level 35 dungeon). This is where chapter 7, Party of Three, takes place. Once you defeat the level 30 Iron Giant, the ceiling above you will reassemble itself. Now you can climb to the top floor. You’ll find the Rare Coin on this floor, to your left

Near the end of the game, in chapter 13, you’ll go to Zeratus Keep. At one point, you’ll run into a Foras Level 35 monster. Since it is really hard to beat it, you’ll need to make your way through the elevator to the upper floor. This is where you’ll have to restore power and go to the upper level. The marker for the objective “Make for the upper level” takes you inside the A-04 room. Take a look to your right. There will be a Rare Coin on a table, among many books.

Within the same chapter, once you and your friends gather, you’ll get to the part where you can buy weapons, accessories and potions. This room also has many fire, lighting and ice canister nodes. You can find a Rare Coin in the same room.

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