Destiny Sparrow Racing Tips & Tricks - The Dawning

The Dawning is the new holiday event in Destiny. It went live parallel to the new update 2.5.0. One of the things that takes center stage in The Dawning is the Sparrow Racing League. In this guide, we’ll give you some Sparrow Racing Tips for Destiny The Dawning, to help you in your racing endeavors.

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Destiny The Dawning Sparrow Racing Tips

Competitive Spirit Book of Records

Destiny’s winter event, called The Dawning, is in full swing. Sparrow Racing seems to be the crux of the events. Below you can see the list of updates for Sparrow Racing below.

  • 2 new racetracks have been added to the 2 returning from last year
  • Bounties and Quests are available from Amanda Holliday
  • SRL License Quest progress has been reset and new rewards have been added
  • Circuit racing gear obtained from the SRL License Quest now has Light and can be infused
  • SRL Reputation has been reset to Rank 0
  • Players can obtain an SRL helmet from Amanda Holliday at Rank 3 (1 per character)
  • Players can obtain a Treasures of the Dawning from Amanda Holliday at Rank 5 (1 per character, max 3 per account)
  • SRL Racing Suits earned from SRL matches have Light and can be infused
  • SRL can be launched via the Weekly Featured playlist in the director
  • Crucible bounties and Jolly Holliday Quest can no longer be completed in Sparrow Racing

For the full list of fixes and additions in the update, check out our Destiny Update 2.5.0 The Dawning 12/13/2016 article. And now, on to the tips for Sparrow Racing!

Sparrow Racing Tips

  • You don’t have to hit every gate. It’s much more beneficial to stay on course than to serpentine around the track to get all the gates. However, make sure not to miss two in a row. You’ll feel the speed decrease a lot if you do. Also, do try not to get distracted by everything moving around. Eyes on the track.
  • Forget about which place you’re in. Everybody gets their RNG prizes, so it really doesn’t matter how you place. The only benefit for placing in the first three is a bit more rep. In fact, the player in first has to be flawless to maintain the lead. Additionally, none of the Record Book entries require you to win, so just relax and drive.
  • On the same subject, you might notice everybody bumping into each other at the start of the race. Therefore, it might often be very helpful in the long run to stay behind. Then just skirt around and get those first few gates as the others are scrambling to get on track. Sure, you might not get the top times, but that’s not important.
  • You can do tricks on your Sparrow while you’re in the air. Pulling them off correctly gives back energy for side dodges. However, spinning your vehicle is risky, since you might not land correctly. To avoid this, use your D-pad while airborne to do some sick stunts without risking a bad landing.
  • As for racing equipment, there are racing helmets with a special perk. This perk allows you to hold back or press forward on the left stick in order to stay airborne longer or get down faster, respectively. Considering you want to be grounded as much as possible for speed, those helmets can be a huge help. Be careful when jumping over ravines, however. If you don’t get enough air, you might not make it across.
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