FFXV Cactuar Needle Locations

Cactuar Needle is one of the rare items in Final Fantasy XV. It is needed for the A Better Crossbow quest, given by Cid the mechanic in the Hammerhead Outpost.
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He will use the Cactuar needle to upgrade Auto Crossbow that Noctis is carrying with him. In this guide, we are going to show you all of the Cactuar Needle locations in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Cactuar Needle

The easiest way to find the Cactuar Needle is to talk to the Tipster in the Meldacio Hunter Headquarters. The outpost is located north of Lestallum City. He will then give you the locations of nearby treasures. The treasure near the Risorath Basin will be a Cactuar Needle. Even if you don’t talk to the Tipster, we will show you the map where we’ll pinpoint the correct location of this collectible.

Once you pass the bridge over the Risorath Basin, head over to the big rock that is on the left side of the highway. Climb onto it, and you will find a Cactuar Needle there. Watch out if you are going there by night, because an Iron Giant may attack you on the freeway, near that location.A Cactuar needle is a pointy cactuar appendage, which can sometimes be found on the ground. They are not worth a big amount of Gil, so the best tip is to keep them in your inventory as you will need them in some special cases. This is a general advice for all the treasure items that you find, as you can hand over some of them in exchange for various weapon upgrades, when you visit Cid the mechanic. Specifically, you need the cactuar needle to complete the Better Auto Crossbow quest.

If you’ve played any of the previous Final Fantasy games, you’ll know that cactuars are recurring enemies. They’re always tough and fast. When fighting them, the problem isn’t usually how to attack or defend, but instead how to catch up with them and engage them in proper combat in the first place. They’re extremely fast, and disinclined to fight you head on.




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    How do you get past the blockades to get there?

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      Frank, Journalist

      That’s a secret. Sorry, this website doesn’t do all the work for you. (Editor’s note: Cut it out, Frank.) (Frank’s Addendum: Sorry, please don’t fire me, I’ve only been here a few weeks.) (Editor’s note: Whatever, we’ll talk about it at lunch.) (Frank’s Addendum: Ok, will do!)

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        I just read on another site that it only appears in chapter 7… I’m on chapter 8.

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    I thought this was supposed to be an article listing locations, plural. Is there really only the one place to get them?

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    You went to the wrong rock, assassin daggers are at the rock north of the cactuar needle, the actual needle is the treasure south of that.
    Basically the cactuar needle is the southern most treasure near vesperpool (the area between Risorath basin and Myrlwoods)

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