FFXV Coeurl Whiskers Locations

Couerl Whiskers are an item you can find in Final Fantasy XV. They are the whiskers of a coeurl, and they seem to have no particular value.
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However, they can be of use in many ways. The item is necessary to complete the A Better Drain Lance II quest. You can take it to Cid in the Hammerhead garage, and he’ll upgrade your Drain Lance II. So, while the item may seem fairly useless, it’s in fact pretty precious. We’ll show you all of the Final Fantasy XV Coeurl Whiskers locations in this guide.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we discover new locations.

Where to find Coeurl Whiskers in FFXV

Coeurls look like huge leopards with strange, feathery, magical whiskers. They can be found in several places in Final Fantasy XV. To increase the probability of getting the whiskers, you’ll want to use weapons that allow you to target appendages.

One of the locations that you can find a coeurl is in Keycatrich Ruins. Go inside the ruins, run to the abandoned tank, go between the rocks, and you should see the beast on the left.Another place where coeurls spawn is in the Kelbass Grasslands. On the east side of the Grasslands, there’s a large hill. The coeurl spawns a little to the west of that hill.You can also find a coeurl in Secullam Pass, close to Thommel’s Glade. Drive over to the parking spot called “Duscae: Secullam Pass”. Once there, head to the right and up the path. This path eventually leads to the Tomb of the Just. As you walk up, the coeurl should spawn somewhere around you in the woods.Coeurl whiskers are labeled as a treasure item, so you might be tempted to sell them. However, you really shouldn’t. Actually, the same goes for all treasure items. You never know when they might come in handy. Many of them are useful for the same thing as the whiskers – weapon upgrades from Cid. Giving him the whiskers will complete the Better Drain Lance II quest and you will get EXP and a further improved Drain Lance . If you sold them, you’d only receive a handful of gil. There are a lot of better options to earn gil.

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