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Final Fantasy XV Shops are a valuable source of goods. They sell consumables, recipes, weapons and more. You can buy items from weapon vendors, mini marts and from peddlers that sell stuff next to their vehicles. There are also diners, in which you can eat, buy recipes and take on hunting quests. The items you can buy are vital to succeeding in your adventure. They boost your stats and increase the damage you inflict. Some of the most expensive items you can buy are the Regalia customizations, which make it more efficient or look snazzier. In this guide, we’ll show you Duscae Shop Locations and the wares they sell.

Shop Locations

There are 11 shops in Duscae, the second area in the game. The first vendors are near the Wiz Chocobo Post. The weapons vendor (1) is just outside the complex, behind the low wall. The other vendor has a small shop inside the large wooden cabin (2). There’s also a diner, and you access it by talking to a guy wearing a yellow scarf and leather vest. (3)You can find the next two vendors in Coernix Station – Alstor. There’s a Coernix Shop and Cafe (4) there and a Crow’s Nest Diner (5). The two shops are right next to each other.The following two vendors are around Coernix Station – Cauthess. There’s the mini mart (6) in the gas station and a weapon store (7) in the parking lot on the right side of the mini mart.Next up are the vendors in Taelpar Rest Area. There’s a Crow’s Nest Diner (8), a weapon dealer (9) just next to the diner and a peddler selling her wares from a red truck (10). She’s just outside the diner, on the right.Finally, we have the Crow’s Nest Diner (11) in Cauthess Rest Area. The diner is the only shop in this part of Duscae.

Shops Selling Regalia Parts

Pop ArtDecal30002Custom decal with pop art motif
Chocobo StickerDecal15002Chocobo-themed decal
Moogle StickerDecal15002Moogle-themed decal
Cactuar StickerDecal15002Cactuar-themed decal
Racing Stripes IIDecal5004Racing stripes decal
Racing Stripes IIIDecal5004Racing stripes decal
Memories of FFXSoundtrack1002Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack
Memories of FFIIISoundtrack1004Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack
Memories of FFIX (Disc 1)Soundtrack1006Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack
Memories of FFIX (Disc 2)Soundtrack1006Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack
Memories of FFVISoundtrack10010Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack

Shops Selling Key Items

Cactuar StatuetteKey Item5002Statuette that evokes warm, happy feelings
Iron Shelf Recipes, Volume 2Key Item8002Cookbook that features Prime Garula Rib recipe

Shops Selling Fishing Equipment

Spider SilkLine304, 6Standard fishing line
Sweet Jamming: CustardPencil Lure504Lure suited for Crag Barramundi
Sweet Jamming: FlanPencil lure504Lure suited for Galdin Trevally
Sweet Jamming: MoussePencil Lure504Lure suited for Glowing Barrelfish
Bomber: BombCrankbait Lure504Lure suited for Alstor Bass
Bomber: Ice BombCrankbait Lure504Lure suited for Crag Barramundi
Bomber: Thunder BombCrankbait Lure504Lure suited for Phoenix Bass
Needle 1.000: CactuarSwisher Lure506Lure suited for Lucian Catfish
Needle 1.000: Metal CactuarSwisher Lure506Lure suited for Lucian Catfish
Needle 1.000: Golden CactuarSwisher Lure506Lure suited for Golden Catfish

Shops Selling Weapons

Airstep SwordSword833001, 7Reduces MP cost of Noctis’s aerial maneuvers
Rune SaberSword1036009Enhances most wielder attributes
Flame TongueSword1178009Inflicts fire damage
Blade of BrennaereGreatsword1313001, 7Inflicts fire damage
ClaymoreGreatsword1566009Increases vitality
Mythril LancePolearm553001, 7Enhances wielder’s magic
Rapier LancePolearm686009Destroy appendages with greater ease
Storm LancePolearm1138009Inflicts lightning damage
CutlassesDaggers583001, 7Sap attacking strength of foes
Mythril KnivesDaggers626009Enhances wielder’s magic
CalamityFirearms533001, 7Fires poisoned rounds
Mythril PistolFirearms966009Enhances wielder’s magic
Kite ShieldShields523001, 7Executing Blink restores small amount of health
Power ShieldShields2446009Greatly enhances attack
Ice ShieldShields1028009Taking ice damage greatly boosts bearer’s HP recovery
Iron BangleAccessory12001, 7Increases max HP incrementally
Carbon BangleAccessory200010Increases max HP nominally
Garnet BraceletAccessory8001, 7, 9Enhances strength slightly
Warrior’s AnkletAccessory15001, 7Enhances vitality incrementally
Fencer’s AnkletAccessory20009Enhances vitality nominally
Bulletproof VestAccessory20001, 7, 9Reduces ballistic damage mildly
White SageAccessory12001, 7Enhances spirit incrementally
AmuletAccessory2001, 7Enhances magic slightly
Angel EarringAccessory10009Enhances magic incrementally
Power StoneAccessory20009Enhances spirit nominally
TowelAccessory5.0001Keeps owner spotless
HandkerchiefAccessory1.0001Protects owner from some staining

Shops Selling Recipes – Diners

Gysahl ChipsRecipe3803+400 to max HP
Green SmoothieRecipe1203+ 90 Fireproof, Frostproof, Stormproof
Chocobo Club SandwichRecipe8003+80 to attack, +400 to max HP, Toadproof
Jetty’sRecipe505, 8, 11Poisonproof and Toadproof
Kenny’s FriesRecipe1505, 8, 11Increases max HP by 300
Kenny’s SalmonRecipe1.4005, 8, 11+150 to attack, +200 to defense
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