How to get FFXV Regalia Type-F

Regalia Type-F is a flying car in Final Fantasy XV. It’s a modification for your standard Regalia (the car Noctis gets from his dad) that allows you to soar into the sky. The upgrade also changes the look of the car. The new version looks much cooler, but you’ll have to customize it again. Once you’ve got it, you’ll unlock the Regalia Pilot trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Regalia Type-F in Final Fantasy XV.

How to unlock Regalia Type-F

When you go past Formouth Garrison at any point after Chapter 8, you’ll get a quest to infiltrate it. It doesn’t matter whether you do the quest stealthily or not – you’ll get a Strange Engine once you’re done.

When you get to Chapter 15, you’ll have the option to make Umbra warp you back to Lucis. Doing this will give you a quest called Into Unknown Frontiers. Once you’ve got it, go talk to Cindy at Hammerhead Garage. She’s going to be thrilled with what you’ve brought her, and will ask you to wait a bit. In truth, the upgrades will be ready right away. You won’t be able to recognize the resulting vehicle.

It’s like Regalia on steroids. It looks amazing, with sleek lines and wrought iron ornaments. It actually looks regal, unlike the basic version. When talking to Cindy, you’ll have the option to revert to the original, although we don’t know why you’d want to.

To get it into the air, you’ll have to develop speed. Once you’ve reached the desired velocity, pressing Circle / B will make it lift off. It looks even better when in the air. Use the left stick to steer, and hold X / A when you wish to land. An unsuccessful landing (missing the road) will result in death, so you should be careful while trying to get back on the ground.

It seems a lot faster while you’re up there. More importantly, you’ve finally got actual control over your vehicle. You won’t just be following a pre-made path – you’ll actually be steering, having total control over where the vehicle goes.

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  1. J

    The third strange engine part can be obtained in chapter 8, not after, I got the quest when doing the behemoth hunt for Gladiolus’s stupid ramen quest. can’t do type-f modification anyway.

    1. J

      Hello Jimmy,

      I did the same as I’m currently on chapter 8 as well. I remembered the position of the empire base when I was taking Gladios request about the Behemoth as well.
      I also got the strange engine, talked to Cindy and tried installing the component but got no luck. I guess we’ll just have to finish the main story to get the Regalia Type F done.

  2. U

    I am having no luck with the RF or getting old Ezma to hand me the key. I had all 3 regalia parts and cleared all possible dungeons by the end of the game (95hrs).

    I then immediately started a new+ game, did every dungeon and fort again and took this second game to defeating ifrit and then going back to past Lucia, and getting all 14 chums for ‘let sleeping mountains lie’ to add another 55hrs of play and not a hint of a trigger for Cindy or Ezma (I keep checking on them, but same old dialogue).

    I wasted hours a few days back trying to get Aranea to help add some punani to the otherwise total sausage fest gang only to find the glitch had just been patched out the day before. Booooo! .. still love the game though, but what the fudge with the regalia and Ezma extras?

    1. J

      well some of the CD’s of SQUARE ENIX is not all updated some are not so cool and that means you cannot get cools stuff just like RF and the islets in VESPERPOOL

  3. W

    Side notes about the type F regalia as it doesn’t provide AP when you are flying since there is no ascension point for this part. Also there are some places that is off limit (e.g. Near lestallum) where you cannot land down nearby. You have to go further away from the city and land on the road then drive back to lestallum.

    By the way, I got my type F regalia after i cleared the game at lv66 around 66h gameplay, but I do spent a huge amount of time doing almost all the side quest before I even move to altissia, my quest list in Lucis is literally empty before I move on including clearing all the upgrade quest for the regalia.. maybe that is how you unlock the type f regalia after completing the game?

    *just trying to grind myself to lv99 and do all those locked door dungeons and Randolph weapon upgrades at the moment.. quite interesting since there is more boss fight that actually hurts.. previous bosses were easy coz I’m almost 10 level above them due massive amount of side quest.

  4. U


    Following on from my last post about completing the game once already, and starting again on NG+ and getting as far as the almost end, umbraing back to past lucis but still no old ezma or cindy action (I know my preference), I found a post elsewhere with the solution. So it goes on here to in order to spread the word as the OP or article leaves the answer a little unclear.

    Finish the game! As in all the way past the credits after defeating *BEEP* (…whos name will not be mentioned) and that fabled scene (I used one of Arenea this time, the hotty that she is), and eventually you get (as eluded to in this article) save game that also says about being able to reload from your last save point in order to “explore lucis at your leisure”. Do this, and when at the title screen again (eventually) do a “load” not an ng+, and you’ll end up likely in a bunker room or wherever young last saved before finishing the game. From there, call umbra (Mumbra?) go to past lucis and oouusshhh! Sorted.

    When I did the above, I immediately got the quest mark on ezma when it loaded, and when I auto’ed to Cindy cause I was in a hurry to see her….mmmm… I got the banter off the village people (the guys) saying about the parts and talking to twinkle tits about installing them.

    So happy now, more gaming before the next dlc and the type F is great! Okay you are limited somewhat on where to go, but like previous final fantasys, the aerial view is great for seeing how the land looks and where things are etc.

    So there we go!

  5. M

    I am tired of this thing to get type f I I get chapter 3 the start of a new game now chapter 15 honestly when the f*** do you get it I solved the game 3 times and still can’t get it WTF

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