FFXV Metal Scraps Locations

Metal scraps are items you can find in Final Fantasy XV. They are a treasure item, and doesn’t seem of much use on the surface.
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This is not the case. In fact, you need to have this item in order to complete the Better Drain Lance quest. If you take it to Cid in Hammerhead, he will upgrade your Drain Lance. Therefore, the item is anything but useless. In this guide, you can see all the Metal Scraps Locations in FFXV.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we discover new locations.

Where to find Metal Scraps in FFXV

The easiest place you can find Metal Scraps is in Galdin Quay. You can collect this item at the very beginning of the game, the first time you go down to Galdin Quay. Go to the restaurant at the end of the pier. Walk straight in to the round bar area in the center and turn right. You can see the Metal Scraps hidden away next to a potted plant.Since Metal Scraps are a treasure item, you might feel like you should sell them for a quick gil. This isn’t smart. Pretty much all treasure items are worth hanging on to, because you never know when they might turn out useful, especially as upgrade materials for Cid. Case in point, once you acquire the Metal Scraps (and after the second chapter starts), you can take it to Cid. He’ll use it and, with his vast tinkering know-how, upgrade your Drain Lance to Drain Lance II. This will complete the Better Drain Lance quest and reward you with 500 EXP and a weapon that hits way harder. If the Drain Lance is the first weapon you upgrade, you’ll then complete the Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic quest, with the same rewards. This is really worth much more than just a couple of gil you could earn by selling the Scraps.

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