FFXV Episode Prompto Attire Locations - Where to find outfits

There are several new attires in Episode Prompto. They’re all snow themed, and they will let you customize Prompto, making him look even cooler. But they’re not just cosmetic – they also offer stat boosts. If you’re just running through the story, you’ll miss most of them. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Episode Prompto attire locations, to help you collect the new costumes.

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ffxv episode prompto outfit customization
Episode Prompto attire

Tunda Jacket (Goggles On)

This attire is like the starting one, only with a pair of yellow snow goggles. You’ll find it in a shack by the lake, in the northern part of the snowy area where you first get to ride the snowmobile. Enter the shack, and you’ll find it on a green crate. It increases maximum HP and reduces ice damage.

Tunda Jacket (Mask On)

This one is also in the snowy area. It’s in a bigger shack, east of the lake. Go into the second room, and look for it on a green crate. It’s like the starting outfit, but with a black face mask that covers your mouth. It reduces ice damage and increases your critical hit chance.

Tunda Jacket (Mask/Goggles On)

The third outfit we’ve found is the combination of the first two. It’s the basic tundra attire, but with both the yellow snow goggles and black face mask. It reduces ice damage, but strangely enough, the description doesn’t mention the other bonuses the pair had when worn apart. You can find it in a shack in the far north, past the research station, northeast from the lake. It’s on a crate in the second room.

We’ll continue to update this guide with more outfit locations as we discover them. At this rate, there’s going to be a lot more of them, with little difference between them – like the ones we’ve found, which only had different accessories, instead of being whole new costumes. If you find any we haven’t mentioned, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.




  1. M

    do they go into your “normal game” as well?

    1. L

      The outfit you get to use in “normal game” is Tundra Attire. The three you can see in this article are only for this episode.

      Tundra Attire increases maximum HP, enhances vitality, and reduces ice damage. It looks exactly like the one from the main picture here, but without the googles and a pistol holder.

  2. A

    Checked the first two spots, can’t get to the third yet. They simply aren’t there

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