Prey Speedrunner Beats Game in Less Than Seven Minutes

A speedrunner has managed to complete Prey in just under seven minutes. According to the video of the accomplishment, this is the new world record for beating Prey. They used the same glitches that previous speedrunners have exploited, such as the one at the very beginning that allows players to exit the starting area through the bathroom ceiling.

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Prey Speedrunner Beats Game in Less Than Seven Minutes
Prey Speedrunner Beats Game in Less Than Seven Minutes

The first major breakthrough in Prey speedruns was made back on May 9th, mere days after the game launched. Players managed to figure out several glitches that allowed them to skip huge portions of the game. The first one is basically as soon as the game starts. You can trigger a specific bug that allows you to exit the first area through the ceiling in the bathroom. Back then, the Prey speedrun record was just under twenty minutes, achieved by DraQu.

Since then, various speedrunners have been gradually whittling down the record time. A mere day after the 20-minute record, a player called Bjurnie almost managed to halve the time, beating the game in around eleven minutes. Bjurine managed to get the time down to 7:22.

The new record, set by Seeker_, stands at just under seven minutes. They beat the game in a frankly stunning 6:59.50 without load times. If we include load times, they completed it in about 9:30. Of course, Seeker_ used the same glitches that previous speedrunners have discovered. Still, it’s a pretty impressive display of skills and dedication. You can check out the video of the speedrun below.

Prey is the new sci-fi first-person shooter from Arkane Studios, published by Bethesda. It came out on May 5th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you’re stuck in the game somewhere, feel free and go check out our extensive list of Prey walkthroughs.

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