FFXV Episode Prompto Documents Locations

Documents are collectibles in Final Fantasy XV. They were added in the Episode Prompto DLC. Collecting them will give you insight into the story, and help you understand it better. They’re scattered across the levels, and some are pretty easy to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Episode Prompto documents locations, to help you find the newspaper articles, diary entries, letters and more.

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ffxv episode prompto documents locations
Episode Prompto documents

Tattered Newspaper

ffxv tattered newspaper location

This is the first one you’ll find. It’s in the prison cell where you start the DLC. Simply turn to your right as you gain control of Prompto, and look at the desk. It will be next to the device on the right.

Prototype Numbering Instructions

ffxv prototype numbering instructions

This one can be found in the reference room, in the production hangar. It’s the one that looks like an employee lounge mixed with an archive. You’ll find it sitting on a bench, near the filing shelves.

Termination Report

termination report ffxv

There’s another one in the complex, in the dark room with the glowing vats that hold people. It’s really creepy, and you can find it on the floor of the room, past the vats by the entrance.

Diamond Weapon Report

ffxv diamond weapon report

This one is in the reception room of the production hangar – that’s the one with the couches, with the campground, next to the big round room. You’ll find the document on the farther table, next to a stack of books.

Researcher’s Writings 6-11

You’ll find a stack of papers in a book once you’re in the snowy area. Those are the researcher’s writings six through eleven. They’re in a shack in the northernmost area of the map, past the research center. Go inside, into the second room. You’ll see the book on the table.

Crumpled Letter

episode prompto crumpled letter

Once you’re inside the research facility, you’ll find yourself in a round room soon enough. You’ll see a note on the floor near the pillar in the center of the room. Pick it up – it’s your crumpled letter.

Researcher’s Writings 1-5

ffxv researcher's writings locations dlc

While you’re in the round room with the pillar, look closely at the floor near the exit. You’ll see another pickup, which is actually the stack of papers with the second batch of researcher’s writings.

Proposal for Operation: Countersign

ffxv proposal for operation countersign

Once you’ve left the round room, you’ll find yet another document! It’s a proposal of some kind. It’s on a shelf on your left, right next to the door.

Report on Unit SAS-0822

report on unit sas 0822 ffxv

This is the last document you need to collect. It’s in the research center, in the long hallway past the camping site. Once you’re done resting, follow the hallway until you see a bookshelf on your right. There will be a piece of paper on the ground – grab it, and be done with it.