FFXV How to Start Episode Prompto DLC

Episode Prompto is the newest DLC for Final Fantasy XV. Like the one before it, it’s a self-contained story about one of Noctis’ companions and his adventures. You can get it by itself, or as part of the season pass. Like with the one before it, players are having trouble accessing the DLC content. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to access FFXV Episode Prompto DLC.

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ffxv episode prompto how to access
How to start Episode Prompto DLC

Where to download Episode Prompto DLC

First off, make sure it’s the right date. Episode Prompto’s launch date is June 27th. The big download you’ve seen on June 26th is just update 1.12 – it has nothing to do with the add-on. Then, start the game and enter the Playstation store through it. You’ll find Episode Prompto filed under add-ons. Select it and start the download. If it isn’t there, it’s possible the release time hasn’t come in your time zone yet.

How to access Episode Prompto DLC

The process is the same like it was with Episode Gladioulus. Since it’s a standalone story, you won’t access it using your main game save file. Instead, when you fire up the game and get to the main menu, look for the Downloadable Content option. Select that, and it will show you a list of all installed DLC. Simply pick Episode Prompto from the list, and you’ll start your new adventure.

Since it’s technically a new Prompto you’re getting here, and not the one you’ve known, loved and equipped during the events of the main game, he’ll start at a set level. He’ll also have some pre-determined gear that has nothing to do with the stuff you’ve equipped him with. The same is true in reverse – the things you unlock in the DLC won’t be available on your main game save after you’ve completed it.




  1. K

    Help! I’m having a problem: Episode prompto costs money even though I have the season pass! Also episode gladiolus was free

    1. L

      Check if you are on the right account. Episode Gladiolus was not free, even if it say so on your screen. They are both part of the season pass, and can be bought separately.

  2. L

    I’ve just downloaded episode Promotion, but it isn’t showing up in the Downloadable Content section? Please please help!

    1. L

      Autocorrect changed Prompto to promotion. Sorry.

      1. L

        I’ve downloaded it through the main game menu, and after the download, it had some sort of installation I think, maybe you’ve skipped that part?

  3. A

    I purchased and downloaded this episode but it’s not showing on the dlc menu. Tried restarting the game but doesn’t change anything. Notification says it’s already installed though

    1. R

      Same problem here. Please help 🙁

  4. L

    On my final fantasy main menu, there is no “downloadable content option”!!

    1. H
      Hannah Meaker


  5. D

    I can not start the game …Can you put educational video?for start.

    1. L

      I am sorry, but that is not possible at the time. I am sure you can find lots of them on net.

  6. H
    Hannah Meaker

    well mine says it’s installed but i don’t have a dlc menu in the game’s menu????

  7. D
    Darcy Clarc

    Anyway thank you
    I have to start from the game’s secondary menu. Right?

    1. D
      Darcy Clark

      The server warns: connect cannot at this time

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