Arms Update Version 1.1.0 Now Live, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Nintendo released a new update for Arms. The patch updates the game to version 1.1.0, and the size is around 104 MB. The patch notes aren’t very long, but the new patch does bring some pretty significant stuff to the game. It adds the LAN mode and the Arena mode (which will also feature Spectator Mode), as well as some bug fixes.

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Arms Update Version 1.1.0 Now Live, Full Patch Notes Revealed
Arms Update Version 1.1.0 Now Live, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Arms is Nintendo’s new fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. The game features a ton of crazy characters whose arms extend all the way across the ring. It’s a pretty fast-paced game, and it uses the Switch’s motion control to the fullest extent. Arms is also getting pretty good reviews, and has even debuted at number 2 in UK sales charts.

Nintendo released a new patch for the game, which updates the game to version 1.1.0. The size is 104 MB, which is pretty important considering the very limited memory of the Switch. Aside from the fixes, it adds two pretty important features to the game. The first one is the LAN mode, which you can activate by pressing L+R in the main menu. The second big new things the Arena mode, which also includes spectator mode.

As for the bug fixes, there’s not much to say. The patch tweaks Kid Cobra and Byte and Barq slightly, as well as the Ribbon Girl stage. It also brings some text fixes in the Grand Prix story. You can check out the full patch notes below.

  • LAN mode added. While pressing the left stick, press L+R on the main menu to switch to LAN mode.
  • Arena mode, with added spectator mode.
  • Kid Cobra and Byte & Barq fixes for sliding boards.
  • Bug fix for Ribbon Girl stage, which some arms didn’t properly hit the boxes.
  • Text-fix for the Grand Prix story.

Arms came out on June 16 for the Nintendo Switch.

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