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Shops in FFXV are a valuable resource of weapons, consumables and much more. At the start of the game, you can buy items from weapon vendors, mini mart shops and from peddlers that sell stuff next to their vehicles. Stuff they sell can be extremely useful as it can increase damage output by a lot. Some of the most expensive items you can buy from them are for Regalia’s customization. Then, there are the diners. Diners are locations where you can eat, but also acquire recipes and take on hunt quests.

Shops in Leide FFXV

Shop Locations

There are eight shops found throughout the Leide, the first zone you go through in chapter 1. The first two shop vendors are in Hammerhead. Weapon vendor (1) is right in front of the garage. The other shop vendor (2) is inside the Mini Mart, located next to the garage.
Another weapon vendor (3) and peddler (4) are found in Keycantrich Ruins, northern Leide, Prairie Outpost.
One peddler (5) is found next to her red truck, in the lower part of Leide, Hotel Base. This peddler is found next to the Crow’s Nest Diner.
The last three vendors are found in southernmost Leide. The weapon vendor (6) is in the parking lot and the shop owner (7) is at the start of the long pier. The one (8) found on the small pier, next to the larger one, sells fishing stuff.
The first diner you can find in Leide is the Hammerhead diner at the beginning of the game (9). It’s right next to the Hammerhead auto shop. The second diner in Leide is the Crow’s Nest Diner in Longwythe rest area (10). It’s across the street from where you park the Regalia. The third restaurant is in Galdin Quay (11), in the area of the same name, It’s at the end of the long pier.

Shops Selling Regalia Parts

Hammerhead Stickerdecal1502Hammerhead-themed decal
Beaux Artsdecal10002Colorful custom body decal
The Beastdecal20007Monster-themed decal
Racing Stripes IVdecal5007Racing stripes decal
Racing Stripes Vdecal5007Racing stripes decal
Advanced Color SamplesColor sample30002Color sample for the Regalia
Memories of FFIVSoundtrack1002Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack
Memories of FFVIISoundtrack1002Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
Memories of FFVSoundtrack1002Final Fantasy V Original Soundtrack
2-Tonedecal3005Two-tone custom decal
Memories of FFIISoundtrack1005Final Fantasy II Original Soundtrack

Shops Selling Weapons

BroadswordSword421501, 3, 6Easier to land critical blows when attacking in succession
Two-handed SwordGreatsword48501Inflicts more damage when surrounded by enemies
War SwordGreatsword781501, 3, 6Inflict stunning blows that deprive foes of their defense
JavelinPolearm181503, 6Delivers critical strikes when wielder is in poor health
DaggersDaggers20501Extra damage on vulnerable foes
AvengersDaggers431501, 3, 6Deliver critical strikes when wielder is in poor health
HandgunFirearms32501Destroy appendages with greater ease
CocytusFirearms451501, 3, 6Increase damage to foes vulnerable to cold
Bronze BangleAccessory5003, 6Increases max HP slightly
Soldier’s AnkletAccessory10003, 6Enhances vitality slightly
PotpourriAccessory5003, 6Enhances spirit slightly

Shops Selling Recipes – Diners

Chili con CarneRecipe509+20 to attack, increases max HP by 50
Leiden JambalayaRecipe7009+150 to attack, increases max HP by 2000
Hammerhead Hot SandwichRecipe1509+80 to attack, increases max HP by 200
Jetty’sRecipe5010Poisonproof and Toadproof
Kenny’s FriesRecipe15010Increases max HP by 300
Kenny’s SalmonRecipe1.40010+150 to attack, +200 to defense
Galdin GratinRecipe4.50011+500 to max HP, boost all stats, 10% to EXP gain
White Fish in Tomato SauceRecipe200011+160 to attack, +900 to max HP, Poisonproof
Sea’s Bounty RisottoRecipe1.30011+120 to attack, +600 to max HP, 25% to HP recovery
Steamed Crab with Rock SaltRecipe3.22011Resistance to fire, ice and lightning attacks

Shops Selling Consumables

PotionItem502, 4, 5, 7Restores half of HP
Hi-PotionItem1002, 4, 5, 7Restores full HP
ElixirItem4002, 4, 5, 7Fully restores HP and MP, regenerates half of maximum HP
Hi-ElixirItem8002, 4, 5, 7Restores maximum HP and MP
Phoenix DownItem10002, 4, 5, 7Brings fallen party members back to life
AntidoteItem102, 4, 5, 7Cures poison
Gighee HamCooking Ingredient302, 4, 5, 7
Luncheon MeatCooking Ingredient1002, 4, 7
Birdbeast EggCooking Ingredient202, 4, 5, 7
Sheep MilkCooking Ingredient102, 4, 5, 7
Daggerquill BreastCooking Ingredient604
Anak MeatCooking Ingredient804, 5, 7
Leiden PotatoCooking Ingredient402, 4, 5, 7
FunguarCooking Ingredient802, 4, 5, 7
ChocobeanCooking Ingredient1002, 4, 5, 7
Leiden PepperCooking Ingredient202, 4, 5, 7
Dualhorn SteakCooking Ingredient1604, 7
Lucian TomatoCooking Ingredient2004, 7
Wild OnionCooking Ingredient1005, 7
Cleigne WheatCooking Ingredient1004, 5, 7
Saxham RiceCooking Ingredient2004, 7
Giant Trevally FilletCooking Ingredient1007
Trout FilletCooking Ingredient2407
Sweet PepperCooking Ingredient504, 5, 7
Repair KitTreasure1002Not compatible with Regalia, but could have use
Spare Spark PlugTreasure1002, 4
Spider SilkLine308Standard fishing line
Super BaleenLine1008High-quality fishing line
Poppeck: ChocoboPopper Lure508Lure suited for Giant Trevally
Poppeck: White ChocoboPopper Lure508Lure suited for Snakehead
Poppeck: Red ChocoboPopper Lure508Lure suited for Garnet Snakehead
Sweet Jamming: CustardPencil Lure508Lure suited for Crag Barramundi
Sweet Jamming: FlanPencil lure508Lure suited for Galdin Trevally
Sweet Jamming: MoussePencil Lure508Lure suited for Glowing Barrelfish
Bomber: BombCrankbait Lure508Lure suited for Alstor Bass
Bomber: Ice BombCrankbait Lure508Lure suited for Crag Barramundi
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