Original Soundtrack from Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack has been revealed. Square Enix decided to share them on the their official site in the music section. We will show you the videos that are about one minute long each. They are beautifully composed and they fit with the gameplay perfectly.

Music from Final Fantasy

Here are the samples of the music that you will be able to hear when you set out on this journey through the land of Lucis.

Valse di Fantastica is following the gang on their journey in their Regalia car, as they pass through the magnificent landscapes of the Final Fantasy world.Stand Your Ground brings you to the center of the battle as the music follows Noctis and his friends during battles with monsters.Veiled in Black is focusing on the battle music, magic and sword skills that are showcasing the fighting capabilities of the four friends.Relax and Reflect has a slow jazzy sound that shows the guys in their more relaxed state, as they make camp, prepare and eat food.Blues de Chocobo has a slightly western sound as it is focusing on the Chocobo camp and the riding of these interesting creatures.

Bonus tracks in FFXV

Here is the list of the bonus tracks in Final Fantasy XV:

  • Bonus 1: Bonus tracks only available in the limited edition Theme song “Stand by Me” (Florence + the Machine) / Behind-the-scenes of the Boston recording session.
  • Bonus 2: Bonus Disc/Car Stereo (Blu-ray disc) A Blu-ray disc soundtrack containing all the music the main characters listen to on the stereo of their car, the Regalia. Contains over 250 masterpieces from the FF series. Historically, this will be the biggest Blu-ray disc soundtrack the company has released in terms of total recorded minutes and number of tracks.
  • Bonus 3: Bonus Disc/Piano Arrangement (CD) Several tracks from the game have been selected to be included as piano arrangements in this special CD.
  • Bonus 4: A Special, Large-sized Booklet Contains a booklet worth reading that includes liner notes and a round table discussion with the main composer, Yoko Shimomura and members of the music production team.
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