FFXV Magitek Exosuit, New Hunt Quest and More in v1.13 Update

Final Fantasy XV update version 1.13 the brings Magitek Exosuits, a hunter quest, the temporary reopening of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, and a lot more. It comes more than a month after the free June update that included the Regalia Type-D off-road customization option.

FFXV Magitek Exosuit New Hunt Quest and More in v1.13 Update
FFXV Magitek Exosuit, New Hunt Quest and More in v1.13 Update

1.13 Update Patch Notes

The update size is around 2.6 GB on PlayStation 4, and 3.2 on Xbox One. Keep in mind that the updated saves will not work on former versions of the game.

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  • Addition of a new quest (available at Hunter HQ from Chapter 8 onward)
  • Implementation of Cross Chain combination attacks
  • Distribution of Magitek Exosuits
  • Temporary reopening of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival
  • Various bug fixes

To get the Magitek Exosuits, update the game with the latest patch, load the save, and open the inventory. Under the Attire section of one of our heroes, you’ll find the Magitek Exosuits. The descriptions says more about them:

A special suit recovered and repurposed by Cid. Uses magitek energy to generate a barrier that wards the wearer from harm.

The suit is fully charged at the start. It absorbs enemy attacks, giving you 30 minutes of invincibility. They need twenty hours for a full recharge. The suit itself has a rather neat combat animation. It glows in combat, which is extremely noticeable in the dark, and there is also an effect when it absorbs the attack.

If you have completed Chapter 8, you can start the new quest “O Partner, My Partner”. Once the game is updated, open up the map, and you’ll see a question mark at Meldacio Hunter HQ in northwestern part of the main map. Talk to the hunter located there, and the quest will start. This is a level 99 quest that yields 10 000 experience and 1x Magitek Suit accessory upon completion and killing Melusine.

In order to perform a cross chain, you’ll need to topple an enemy to create an opening. You can’t link up if an ally is incapacitated, so keep that in mind.

the Moogle Chocobo Carnival is available through the main menu, just before you load the game or start a new one. It is under Special tab. Within this Carnival, you can complete side quests, do some fishing, play many mini games, and more. We’ve done a comprehensive Moogle Chocobo To Do Festival List.

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    So the suits arent’ temporary (to get them I mean)? They’ll be there in the inventory in December when I actually play the game again (stopped at chapter 6, waiting for them to finish the damn game…)?

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