Final Fantasy XV Activities - Moogle Chocobo Carnival

Moogle Chocobo Carnival takes place in Altissia for a limited time. Once you download update 1.04 and the Holiday Pack, you can access the festival from the main menu. If you decide to complete all the activities, you can expect it to take more than a couple of hours. This guide will show you a list of all FFXV Moogle Chocobo Carnival activities.

Moogle Chocobo Festival To Do List Final Fantasy XV
Moogle Chocobo Carnival Festivities

Moogle Chocobo Festival To Do List

Having fun at the Carnival, you’ll earn Choco-Mog Medallions. These are used for various rewards from Prize Counter Vendors. You can earn Choco-Mog Medallions through activities listed below. You can also find them on the ground throughout Altissia.

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Moogle Chocobo Carnival General Info

This is a rather fun event. If you are at the start of your Final Fantasy XV journey, be sure not to miss it. It gives some important items that you can later transfer into the main game.

  1. The Carnival won’t last forever. You can enjoy its festivities until the end of February.
  2. To start the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, you need to download the latest 1.04 update and the Holiday Pack.
  3. From the starting game menu, choose the “Special” option. You’ll have to choose the Save File, since you want the progress from the Carnival to carry over.
  4. As soon as you choose the save file, you’ll get a loading screen and get teleported into the Carnival in Altissia.
  5. You’ll have a buddy with you – Carbuncle. By interacting with Carbuncle, you can choose to be teleported to different spots in Altissia.
  6. Beside the main quest, you can complete various side quests, events, mini games and more. While the side quests are marked on map, you’ll have to find the mini events and games on your own.
  7. By completing the main quest, you’ll get the Dream Egg. This enigmatic egg is full of big dreams, but shows no signs of hatching any time soon. Its purpose, for now, is unknown.
  8. If you go to the Square Enix Cafe and talk to the bartender, time will speed up. If you talk to the bartender during the night, after the conversation ends, it will be daylight.
  9. If you decide to do some fishing in the festival, you can look forward to various prizes and experience rewards. This is all tallied into the main game, once you load the correct save.
  10. You can learn two new, festival-exclusive cooking recipes: Kupoberry Cheesecake (decreases damage to fishing line by 25%) and Golden Chocobo Tart (decelerates chocobo stamina depletion rate by 25%). Talk to the Square Enix Cafe employee and order these two dishes.
  11. To leave the carnival, pause the game and choose return to the title menu.
  12. Once in the main menu, choosing the save with the carnival sign will transfer the stuff gained there into the main game.

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    your info was wrong, the carnival ended at 11:59 PM February 19th, not the end of February.

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