Final Fantasy XV PC Errors & Problems - Performance Issues, Crashes

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is the PC version of the game. It has been released only hours ago, but players are already reporting problems like crashes, errors and performance issues. Some of them can be fixed with simple tweaks and workarounds, while others are going to have to be patched. Here’s a list of all the Final Fantasy XV PC errors & problems we’ve heard reports of.

ffxv errors problems windows edition
Final Fantasy XV PC Errors & Problems

Note: We’re going to keep updating this article with new problems and solutions as they keep popping up (as they surely will). Stay tuned.

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Memory leaks in FFXV PC

The game seems to have a serious memory leak issue – reports point to it using up more than 16GB of RAM easily. Restarting every so often should help avoid crashes and lagging. If you’re using an Nvidia GPU and have downloaded the latest drivers, you could try rolling back the driver to an earlier version.

FFXV crashing, cannot start

Most of the crash issues seem to stem from Nvidia’s latest drivers. If you’ve downloaded them, make sure you roll back. If that doesn’t help, you could also try checking if everything has downloaded – right click on the game in the Steam library, select properties, then local files, then finally verify integrity of game files. Finally, if you’re using Razer Synapse, make sure you update it. This helped a number of people.

Controller not working in FFXV PC

If you can’t get the controller to respond, you should take a look at the Steam controller settings. Open up the settings in the client, then check out the controller section. If it shows your controller as an Xbox 360 pad, you should change it to simply “Xbox”.

Mouse not working in Comrades map screen

We’ve heard complaints of the mouse not working in the Comrades map screen. This isn’t a bug – the mouse isn’t supposed to work on the multiplayer mode map. When you want to move the cursor, you’ll have to use I, J, K and L.

Black & white screen flashes in FFXV PC

Some players have been reporting the screen periodically flashing black or white while playing FFXV Windows Edition. This is most probably a graphics driver issue. If you don’t have the latest drivers, update immediately. If you do have the newest GPU driver, you could try rolling back. These game-specific driver editions can be a bit buggy, and returning to a previous version might be of help.

Files disappear after downloading the FFXV Steam preload

A number of players who’ve preordered the game have tried to preload it – to download the game’s files before it’s live, so they can start playing as soon as it’s released. When the download is finished, some of them have noticed the files are nowhere to be found. The hard drive space allocated to them was still used up, but the files weren’t there. It turns out this has to do with the way Steam handles preloads – the files are actually there, but they’re hidden from you. It was probably done to stop you from trying anything fishy. Everyone knows you can’t be trusted.

If you know a different solution to any of the problems we’ve posted, or have an issue of your own that hasn’t been mentioned, be sure to leave a comment.

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  1. K

    Game is completely broken for me. It finished downloading three times just keeps restarting on steam btw

  2. A

    I had the issue with the preload never finishing, files never showing up. To fix it, all I had to do was change where the install directory was when reinstalling it and it worked out fine.

  3. J

    I’ve got a problem where I can’t give any input when I have to type in a name for something -Like for my comrades character, the game just doesn’t detect my input for typing but works perfectly fine for everything else.

  4. A

    For me I noticed a physics bug where none of Noctis’s jackets move freely like they usually do. In the Demo version this NEVER happened and I played for over 5 hours in total. I’ve only played 20 minutes here though in the official paid version on Steam and this already happened. Also, I notice I get just a tiny bit less FPS (maybe 1 to 4 less) with the same exact settings on, another “bug” or whatever is the game freezes a bit more (or at least it seems like it is.) to the point where it doesn’t even make sense because it’ll sometimes do this just when changing a character’s gear when no action is happening outside the main menu. I will then Alt Tab and it just leaves a plain GRAY screen for up to around 30 seconds before it finally unfreezes my system. My RAM usage doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s using 6.8 GB at the very most out of my 8GB and usually sits at about 5.5 GB usage.

    Last problem is, the “Assets” option for the High Res pack is grayed out, I can’t select it. I found a forum saying for you to go to Steam, Right-click FFXV, go to the DLC page and TICK the box for the High Res pack DLC but I don’t even have that option! I did however find the High Res pack when going to the game’s page on the store but it just says “Play Game” as an option. Weirdly enough I can also “Add” it to my “cart” but I can’t actually buy it lol. The buy options are grayed out. What’s weird about this is I noticed (and this happened to me in the demo version as well) that the textures in the game seem to be going from High Res to Low Res every 5 to 10 seconds as if my System is right in the “middle” of being able to handle the settings and not being able to handle them. I’m guessing it might have to do with my RAM but still, I should be able to turn on the Assets/High Res pack manually and if it crashes my game, OH WELL, at least I can test it so it’s not blurring from Low res to high res I like I mentioned it does earlier.

    GTX 1080 HOF
    i7 4770K @4.3 Ghz.

  5. A

    Disregard my “I can’t find the High-Res pack/DLC” under my game so I can tick it “on” that way my “Asset” graphics option in FFXV will no longer show “Assets” as grayed out/useless. They must’ve just fixed this issue sometime today because now it’s showing up properly finally even though I had restarted Steam like 5+ times yesterday and earlier this morning just to see if it would show up.
    Time to try it out and see the game (hopefully) stop blurring in and out of High to Low Res Textures. I also hope that doesn’t end up with my 8GB of RAM causing the game to crash 100% of the time since they clearly recommend 16GB Of RAM for the High Res Pack at 4K.

  6. J

    I found a workaround for the issue with keyboard input, for steam atleast. (That doesn’t let you enter text into any fields)
    You just run steam in Big Picture mode and then open the game. You’ll be able to use Big Picture’s keyboard as a work-around.


  7. S

    my game stuters and the sound glitches all the time, (and l had zero problems runing games like ME Andromeda or Nier Automata) though it doesnt surprise me with all the Nvidia on this game

    1. P

      You can’t blame the game for lag if you post no stats and then talk crap about nvidia. you’re clearly a AMD user and angry you can’t run it full boar. As for the sound, that has nothing to do with nvidia or such, it’s your audio device and the game itself, change the auto settings and graphic settings…

      1. Y

        “That has nothing to do with nvidia or such” Months later, there’s still plenty that has not been fixed with nvidia’s sloppy drivers. So yea, bud, it has everything to do with nvidia and such….

  8. G

    New bug. Do not summon anything. It uses up so much of the memory that after the summon is done, your framerate goes to around 20 fps and will stay there until you reset. This has been more and more of a problem as it takes a while before you get your first summon and even longer before the first time you have to use it.
    This is on mid as well as high end cards like gtx 1080ti.

  9. S

    apparently capping frames to 30 almost fix the stutter issue and for AMD users try to configure settings for performance and turn off the rest. l got better performance after that.

  10. C

    I’m having a problem with Comrades were the Vendors in Meldacio Hunters HQ have completely disappeared (Only got to use the shops once). I have tried restarting the game several times but they are still gone. Which it frustrating because now I have to run with low level weapons until I reach the next outpost. :/

  11. S

    My game crashes when I’m in a loading screen. I have noticed that when I change some of the graphics settings it lets me continue with the game but now I’m stuck again in Chapter 13. Can anybody help? Also is this normal for anybody? when I show my fps stats I see that my gpu memory is at 0% the whole time? is that not reading my GPU? or is it not running? It says 0MB/1011MB

  12. K

    I’m having a problem when I camp the A button doesn’t work for next but when I unplug the controller and plug it back in the A button works for the reconnect controller

  13. G
    Gregory Gorski

    Game has crashed non stop for me since it has released. Starting to wonder if it has something to do with the steam version of the game I’ve tried reinstalling windows and graphics drivers over several hundred times to trouble shoot it tested ram. Different ram and different CPUs tried it with one GTX 1080 Fe and dual tried it with a RX 580 4 gb card . If I left the last manager open the game.slowly eats up more and for ram it can take anywhere for a few minutes to an hour but will eat up to 32 gb of my ram
    My PC specs now are a ryzen 7 2700x tried a 1700 as well. 32 gb of geil Evo Forza ram I’ve tried the game at every ram speed fro. Defualt to overclock to get the game to run properly . I’ve officially trated the game for over 180 hours since lunch and still completely unplayable and it’s a absolute shame. I’ve loves square soft and square enix titels. Since I was a little kiss with a nes and ever consoule and PC game since. And now I have completely lost all respect for them I’ll problly never buy another title of thier for the rest of my life it’s teed me off so bad . Least the could do is get a actually tech support phone number for someone like me that don’t type well to better get his point across my hand and nerve disability really. Impeeds me with email! Based tech support . And square tech support keep talking to me like I’m a chaild saying it’s my PC or I’m not installing the game correctly sorry I been building systems since apple 2 and comadore 64 days modding em ect . This is a complete and utter joke.

  14. A

    I cant level up at all

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