FFXV Professor's Protege Quest

Professor’s Protege is a quest in Final Fantasy XV. The client is Gladiolus’ friend Sania, a researcher who needs help with obtaining samples.
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The quest has several steps, and they’re all pretty difficult. On the upside, the rewards are pretty nifty. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Final Fantasy XV Professor’s Protege quest, where to find frogs, how to get wyvern wing and more.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’re going to update it with pictures, explanations and exact locations once the game launches.

Red Frog Locations

You’ll first meed Sania in the Coernix Station outpost in Alstor. In the first part of the quest, Sania will send you to get her 5 red frogs from Alstor Slough. The lake is just to the south from where you meet her.

We did the quest during nighttime, as the frogs didn’t show up during the day. Once you get to the lake, keep your eyes on the mini-map – it had the most valuable information.

The last one didn’t appear that day for us. We had to go away and return the next night for it to show up. We don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but be wary.

When you return to Sania, you’ll get the following:
  • 3000 XP for each party member
  • Star Pendant (accessory which protects from poison)

Yellow Frog Locations

Your second encounter will happen in an outpost south of the Disc, near the Causcherry Plains. She’ll send you to a lake in Kettier Highland, where you’ll have to capture 5 yellow frogs.

We did this part during the day, and we haven’t had the chance to check if the frogs are there after the sun sets. Once again, keep your eyes on the mini-map.

We couldn’t get the last two on our first visit. Again, this might be a bug, or you might have to leave for a while before they appear. We came back a day later and picked them up.

Once you’ve got them all, Sania will reward you with:
  • 4000 EXP each
  • Rainbow pendant (protects from confusion)

How to obtain Gigantoad Oil

Your next encounter will happen at the Old Lestallum outpost, south of Lestallum proper. You’ll find Sania in the eastern part of the location. Talk to her, and she’ll send you to get some Gigantoad Oil. You can do this by murdering Gigantoads in the Malmalam Thicket dungeon. If you don’t get any after you clear it for the first time, simply go back in and they’ll respawn. Once you’re done with the quest, you’ll receive:

  • 5000 EXP each
  • Moon Pendant

How to get Wyvern Wing

Your fourth meeting with Sania will take place at the Verinas Mart outpost in Ravatogh, in the farthest west of the map. She’ll ask you to get her a wyvern wing. There’s no catch here – simply go to the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon to the west of the outpost and keep killing wyverns until one of them drops the item. Then go back to Sania and you’ll get:
  • 8000 EXP per character
  • Earth Pendant (protects from petrification)

How to get Myrlwood Firefly

The fifth time you see Sania, it will be at the Risorath Basin outpost in the far north. She’ll ask you to catch 3 myrlwood fireflies, which requires you to have access to Vesperpool.

We recommend going to the dungeon at night. The fireflies have a blue glow that’s easier to spot when it’s dark. They’re all in the final part of the dungeon, near the tomb entrance.

When you finish the quest, you’ll get:
  • 10000 EXP to every party member
  • Golden hourglass (protects the wearer from stop)

Where to find Griffon Feather

The sixth step starts when you talk to Sania at the Coernix Station in Cauthess, west of the Disc. This time, she needs a Griffon Feather.

To get it, you’ll need to start a Griffon hunt called Ruler of the Brave Skies in Lestallum. Talk to the tipster in the market in order to begin. Save your progress before you start the fight – there’s a chance the monster won’t drop the item, and reloading is the quickest way to restart the fight.

Once you bring her the feather, she’ll give you:
  • 12000 EXP per crew member
  • Safety Bit (protects from sudden death)

Where to find Rainbow Frogs

The final step of the quest can be started in the outpost near Risorath Basin, near Vesperpool. It’s where you took the Myrlwood assignment before. Talk to Sania, and she’ll tell you to bring her 5 rainbow frogs.

If you need the exact locations, check out our Frogs of Legend quest guide.

Once you’re done, you’ll get
  • 15000 EXP each
  • Ribbon




  1. D

    I can’t find the 5th frog!! Spend hours already, are they all in the circle?

    1. R

      Yes, the one that I had the most trouble with was at the NW side of the circle sitting on the shoreline.

  2. D

    Okay I figured it out! What this guide doesn’t explain is HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! You have to listen to your AUDIO, you can actually here the frogs making noise when you are near them. If you move in the right direction it will get louder! I spent almost 2 hours on the red frogs, then I figured it out lol! I got the yellow ones (next quest) in 5 minutes using this technique. I hope this helps you guys! I got my FFVX a few days earlier, so this will save you some frustration I hope!

    1. J

      It seems like if you walk around slowly (as if following the sounds) the frogs just show up. Even in a spot where you were previously just standing

  3. M

    Can’t find the 5th yellow frog, going CRAZY

  4. B

    I Fount only 1 rainbow frog, @ On the same location i searched for hours

  5. G

    You guys are missing the Gigantoad Quest she gives you. Its found in Old Lestalum

  6. N

    Good guide, I’d like to mention the red frogs are DEFINITELY bugged on Xbox one. The last one. Will not appear until you have left the area and returned. Sometimes it takes longer, a full day in some cases.

    1. J

      i found all 5 on my first time through the area, you need to move to different parts of the circle before they appear sometimes

  7. A

    I didn’t get the feather the first time through and didn’t notice and kept playing, got that quest much later in the game and tried to replay the hunt to get it and I guess there are no drops on replays so that quest is now broken for me unless I load a 20 hour old save, thats quality right there…

    1. A
      Alex gipson

      Lol u don’t have to do that sometimes it doesn’t drop u just have to redo the hunt lol

  8. L

    Frog noises can be heard if you are close, stop and listen if you think youre in the right spot.

  9. J

    Do i need to break both of the griffons wings for the feather or is it just really rare or what… 40 tries later, jeez

  10. A

    107 fights later got the feather from the griffon, finished it with my summon leviathan:P

  11. J

    I’ve been trying to get that blood feather from the Griffon for two hours. The quest is an absolute joke! The designers should be shot. This isn’t some crappy MMO, a random loot drop where you’re expected to travel back and forth in order to try again. Rubbish. So shit!

  12. E

    Third meeting should be slaying a gigatoad @ old lest.

  13. N

    I think the fifth frog spawn at nightime. coz it took me whole day till night to look for it at the same location,

  14. R

    Frogs spawn at night or during the day when it’s raining 🙂

  15. D
    Derek Harris

    I can’t find the third Myrlwood Firefly. During this quest I camped in Myrlwood. This triggered a quest for Ignis. During his morning tour quest, I grabbed 2 of the fireflies. After his quest completed, I returned to the area and the 3rd one isn’t there. I have exited the area, reloaded, etc.

    1. J

      Third one spawns at night … I had the same issue and read somewhere that it only spawns at night so I just waited in the tomb until night and it was there

      1. J
        Joshua O Hunter

        Couldn’t find till night time. Waited then they all Poped up

  16. J

    I tried getting the first frog which I did, but it keeps saying that the frog is still there even though it’s definitely in my inventory.

  17. A

    Why is it so hard to get the Griffon feathers. The damned thing is covered by feathers!

  18. K

    I am trying to complete this quest chain after having beat the game.. But no monsters are spawning… Anywhere.. No deamons, no wild beasts, no wavers… Wtf?

  19. Z

    for the feather, i got it when i defeated it in the air(might need to break both wings idk)

  20. T

    The yellow frogs won’t appear when it’s raining–found that he hard way, lol.

  21. D

    I’ve collected 1 firefly during a camping side quest, I can see it in my inventory but the quest shows 0/3 collected… Ironically the quest to collect bugs is bugged :/

    1. D

      Waited til night, collected 2 more fireflies, quest shows 2/3 but there’s 3 in my inventory and the third one hasn’t respawned. Definitely a bug which makes the quest impossible to complete… Had to reload a previous save. Meh.

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