FFXV Scraps of Mystery Quest

Scraps of Mystery is a side quest in Final Fantasy XV. It’s one of the most obscure missions you can attempt. It has several parts, and each one is an enigma unto itself. You begin the steps by finding mystery map items scattered across Eos, which then lead you to pieces of a Sylvester’s treasure map. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Final Fantasy XV Scraps of Mystery quest and where to find map scraps.

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Final Fantasy XV Mystery Map

It all begins when you find a scrap of paper lying on the ground in an outpost, a service station or a town. You’ll recognize them easily – they’re the only items in the game that appear as actual objects, and not just colored glowing dots.

When you pick it up, you’ll get a new quest – Scraps of Mystery. It will also have a number, depending on which scrap you’ve found. The quest will point you towards a location where you’ll be able to find part of a treasure map. It won’t pinpoint the exact location. Instead, it’ll just point you towards the general area where the prize is hidden, marking a radius on your map.

Scraps of Mystery I

To start this side quest, you need to go to the Longwythe Rest Area Outpost in Leide (south of Hammerhead) and approach the Three Z’s Motel. From your car look at the hotel and go to the left side of it. The first piece of the map is lying on the floor, next to a white plastic chair. Once you pick it up, the quest will begin telling you where to continue your search.
When you pick up the piece of the map, it will mark an area southeast of the Longwythe Outpost on your in-game map. Hop into the Regalia and head over there. At one point, you’ll have to turn left from the highway and onto a dirt road. There is a parking lot on the dirt road called Balouve Mines (there is a high level dungeon here you should visit later). West of the parking spot is the search area. Jump down the rock ledges until you reach it. As you approach the center of the search area you should reveal a Treasure Spot location on your map. Go to it and just next to the Treasure Spot is the Mystery Map location for Scraps of Mystery I. You’ll differentiate the two by the quest item shining gold. You’ll pick up Sylvester’s Map Piece A.

Scraps of Mystery II

The next Mystery map is found as you go into Chapter 2 of the main story and enter the Prairie Outpost in north Leide. Across from the hunter outpost is a little building and parking lot with wrecked cars (left of it is the JM Market vendor). Next to the right wall of the shack is a little wooden cart. On the lower shelf of this cart is the very well hidden Mystery Map.
The actual Treasure Map piece is hidden a bit to the northeast, next to the Keycatrich Trench dungeon entrance. If you did the main quest that makes you go into the dungeon this area should be fairly free of dangerous enemies. Go to the northeast part of Keycatrich Ruins subarea and you should see some scaffolding and archaeological excavations. In the very corner is another wooden cart and a big square rock. On the ground you should see the yellow quest item shine and pick up Sylvester’s Map Piece B.

Scraps of Mystery III

Map for this scrap is not found next to an outpost, which makes you realize that things will be a lot more difficult than originally thought. You have to find a small shack with a water tower in between Hammerhead and Prairie outpost – a bit south of Norduscaen Blockade parking spot. The map is found on the ground next to the shack and can be found at any point in the game.

Actual Sylvester’s Map Piece C is found in the Three Valleys area. The quest item is hidden behind some concrete beams near the rock edge of the valley the quest marker points to.

Scraps of Mystery IV

The fourth Mystery map is hidden away in Ostium Gorge, near the Esterleiden Blockade. Just before the blockade, to the right, there is a gap between the red walls in which you can go. The piece of the map is sitting on a black sheet of metal. It’s pretty visible, thankfully.

Sylvester’s Map Piece D is hidden away in the Crestholm Channels dungeon. Once inside the dungeon, head forward through the water andignore the steps to the left. You’ll eventually reach a large tunnel going down to the right. Don’t go down there, but proceed up the steps next to the downward tunnel. Head right immediately from the top of the stairs and take a left at the next fork. Drop down from the ledge and head right, then take another right into the short tunnel going right. Take another right, ignore the short stairs, and follow the path winding to the left. Head right once you reach the metal bars. Follow this path and drop down when you reach the dead end. Head to the right and head forward at the next crossroads. Once you reach that middle doorway, go through and look to your left immediately. The Map Piece D is stashed away in the corner.

This is an extremely difficult dungeon, and you should probably attempt this dungeon last. The recommended level for this dungeon is 50, since you’ll be fighting Level 44 Bussemand, lvl 35 Gelatin, lvl 46 Yojimbo, lvl 49 Nagarani mini boss, lvl 39 Ereshkigal, lvl 38 Black Flan and a lvl 50 Jormungand boss. If you’re having trouble, check out our Crestholm Channels dungeon guide.

Scraps of Mystery V

This one starts close to where Scraps of Mystery III ends. Go a bit north of the Three Valleys in Leide and you should see a small dirt road close to yellow marked main road. There is a ruined building (only some broken walls left) next to a big pipe coming out of the ground. The start of Scraps of Mystery V is among the ruble next to the base of the steal beams holding the pipe up in the air.

South of the start of the side quest, close to Longwythe Peak, is where the quest marker takes you. West of the center of the quest marker is a rock and on it is the Sylvester’s Map Piece E.

Scraps of Mystery VI

This Mystery Map is in a God-forsaken highway stop west of The Nebulawood. You can see the huge stone arches from this stop. In the stop itself, there are two abandoned cars. The scrap is right next to the car that is parked next to the pile of pipes.

The map itself is in the southwest corner of the Alstor Slough region. Go to the enormous double stone arches and head on over to the place where the southern arch begin, on the eastern side. On the southern side of that base, look around in the rock pile. Sylvester’s Map Piece F is hidden at the very base of the arch.

Scraps of Mystery VII

This map scrap is hidden in the middle of the Chocobo racing track (located just south of the Wiz Chocobo outpost). Look for three silos with golden roofs. Head to the largest of the three. The scrap is hidden underneath the small staircase leading up to the door of the silo.

The part of the actual Sylvester’s map is dead center in the Malachi Hills, in the area marked by rocks on the map, northeast of where you found the scrap and close to the dungeon entrance. Go to one of the tall, skyscraper-like monolith near to the top of the hill. Take a good look behind that monolith. Sylvester’s Map Piece G is lying in the rubble there.

Scraps of Mystery VIII

Go to southern Duscae to Cauthess Rest Area. There are two warehouse hangars left of the gas station and restaurant. Go inside the first warehouse and reach the northeastern corner. There are some metal shelves there and Mysterious Map is below them, on the ground.
The scrap of paper is found in the middle of nowhere, east of Cauthess, the Disc. Close to the mission marker you will see a derelict Imperial troop transport. Sylvester’s Map Piece H is well hidden on the east side of the crashed transport, between some metal extrusions.

Scraps of Mystery IX

You can start this section of the side quest by visiting Taelpar Rest Area Outpost in southwestern part of Duscae. When looking at the Motel and Crow’s Nest Diner turn right and you should see some wooden barracks. Go behind them and the Mystery Map is tucked nicely underneath one of them.
The actual Map scrap is located some ways east of there, close to the Schier heights mark on the world map. Drive manually until you reach the quest spot marked on your world map and park on the side of the road (should be on your right just as you enter a tunnel). You should see a small path through the woods there with the sign Schier heights. From the sign hug the right side of the path, along the stone wall. Among the shrubbery is Sylvester’s Map Piece I. (if you decide to follow the path through the woods you’ll come across a nice fishing spot).

Scraps of Mystery X

This map scrap is located in the Kelbass Grasslands, west of the Niflheim base in that area (south of the big city of Lestallum). Go inside the small fenced-off complex with a watchtower. One of the buildings has sunshade. Take a good look at the left grate in the wall, the mystery map is right there.

To find Sylvester’s Map Piece J, go slightly to the east from the center of the area marked on the map. There’s a huge stone formation, almost like a wall. Skirt around it to its eastern side and look carefully at the rubble around. Sylvester’s Map Piece J is hidden there. (screenshots show the exact location)

Scraps of Mystery XI

The eleventh map scrap is located by the road in Pallareth Pass, slightly to the south, right next to the Alpine Stable Parking lot. If you’re travelling north, you’ll see a few buildings with a silo in the middle on the right side of the road. Get out of the car before you reach said buildings and cross the road. Head up the hill and you’ll see the ruins of a house with only the walls standing. Go inside the house and look around the pile of bricks in the middle. The map scrap is lying on the floor next to it.

To reach Map Piece K, go into Lestallum. As you walk into the city, go right into the alley immediately after the cafe with the blue chairs. Keep going and follow the side quest marker until you find the staircase on the left (this is where the center of the quest marker is). Head up and towards the staircase on the left. On the left side of the foot of the stairs there are some metal bars. That’s where Sylvester’s Map Piece K is stashed away.

Scraps of Mystery XII

Go a bit further up north from the previous collectible’s start point to find the next map scrap. Head on to the Meldacio Hunter HQ outpost. As you walk into the outpost, there’s a large, blue, slightly rusty Exineris sign on the left. Walk past it and take note of the cottage on the right. Circle around it and you’ll find the scrap inside the yellow trash can behind the cottage.

Go to the marked area in Pallareth Pass. Near the center of the area is an empty, concrete building. Go inside and look for Sylvester’s Map Piece L.

Scraps of Mystery XIII

The Malmalam thicket dungeon is located in the southwestern part of Cleigne region. The game offers you to visit it around Chapter 6, as you make your way to Cape Caem. There is an uphill path that takes you toward the dungeon’s entrance. About three fourths up the path there will be a fork in the road that takes you to a nice little House of Hexes. Old lady is a vendor there selling stuff you’ll need in the dungeon. Behind her shack is the Mystery Map piece that starts Scraps of Mystery XIII.
The scrap of paper can be found on top of a lighthouse near Cape Caem. You might have to do the main quest and get transported back to Cleigne to be able to access this location. At the quest pointer’s location you will see a lighthouse. Take the elevator up to the Deck floor (2F). Sylvester’s Map Piece M is at the opposite side of the elevator entrance.

Scraps of Mystery XIV

Finally, we come to map scrap number fourteen. The scrap itself is in the southwest corner of the map, in the area between two rivers, specifically between Hulldagh Pike and the river Wennath. The scrap is south of the complex between two roads. There’s a small shed there, and an abandoned, rusted car nearby. The map scrap is in the car.

Head to the marked area in Callatein’s Plunge and enter the Greyshire Glacial Grotto dungeon. Hug the left wall as you go. keep going left at the next fork and go down the slide. After you drop, head to the right and up. Follow the path and take another ice slide ride. Go forward into the area with enormous stalactites, drop down one level and head along the right side. Sylvester’s Map Piece N is at the very end of this short path.




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