FFXV Sky Gemstone Locations

Sky Gemstone is a rare material in Final Fantasy XV. It can be used to upgrade the Circular Saw machinery – talk to Cid at Hammerhead to get the option. We know of only one way to get the stone, and it’s both easy to miss and pretty expensive. Still, if you want to enhance the saw, this is the only way. In this guide, we’re going to show you Final Fantasy XV Sky Gemstone locations.

Final Fantasy XV Sky Gemstone

When you first get to Galdin Quay, you’ll see a cat on the boardwalk leading to the restaurant. Interacting with her will start the Kitty Catering quest. You’ll need to catch a certain fish at the nearby fishing spot (which appears only during the day). Offer it to her, then bring it to Coctura so she can prepare a dish. After you feed the cat, she’ll disappear.

The next time you meet her will be at the Cape Caem lighthouse, during the Brave New World part of the main story. This will start the Feline Feast quest, which will require you to find food for the cat, while keeping in mind how picky of an eater she is.

There’s a vendor at Cape Caem outpost that sells insanely expensive luxury cat food. You’ll need to shell out 20,000 gil, but the cat will be grateful. When you give her the food, she’ll reward you with a sky gemstone.
Important Note: You don’t need to spend 20K gil. Once you increase Fishing level, you can catch a fish and give it to Monica to fry it up for you. (thanks Ryan)
At the start of the chapter 12, after you come off the train at Tenebrae and have spoken with Briggs and Wedge, you have to go forward and speak to Maria. To the right of her is a sky gemstone. You wont get it until chapter 12 but it does save you 20 000 gil.

Thanks to Ninja Sakura for the additional info.

If you bring the stone to Cid, he’ll start working on the upgrade. You’ll need to wait a couple of days for him to finish, so you don’t have to stick around – go away and do something else until you get the call. This is the end of the Better Circular Saw quest. If you know of another way to get this elusive stone, feel free to share it in the comments.

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  1. N
    Ninja Sakura

    After you come off the train at Tenebrae and have spoken with Briggs and Wedge, you have to go forward and speak to Maria. To the right of her is a sky gemstone. You wont get it until chapter 12 but it does save you 20,000gil.

  2. R

    The quest is easily done without spending 20k.
    I always buy multiple lures and have worked on fishing already. You’ll need a better rod than the one you start with, I don’t recall where I purchased mine(12,000 for both pieces). Fishing level 4, I used a pearly moogle lure and caught the fish my first try. Monica fries it up for you

    1. M

      Yeah you did that side quest completely wrong and they got you good. Yeah sure you can spend 20,000 gil on luxury cat food like a noob or you can do it the easy simple way and go catch a fish and let monica cook it up for you in the house. Return to the kitty and you get your sky gemstone without spending 20,000 gil!

  3. S

    Now in the event that you missed or accidentally sold it, Patioss dungeon located on the top left of the map with the small runway (which requires you to have unlocked the Flying Regalia.) 2 sky gemstones can be found in that dungeon. There is no level requirement and you do not have to worry about any enemies spawning. DO NOTE THAT IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT NIGHT. You can initiate the quest in Lestallum after 2100 (in game time) at a small window over at the easy side of the map.

    1. N

      It’s actually at the bottom left of the map not top.

      1. A

        When waiting for cid to upgrade your weapon you only need to sleep/camp. Most guides and tipsters say do multiple quests and wait multiple days but you really don’t have to and you can do this without completing any quests or waiting several days. Just give him the item and the weapon and use the trailer to sleep. In the morning when you wake he will call you to say he’s finished the upgrade. Quick and easy.

    2. K

      Patioss Dungeon????

  4. S

    I found one while doing A Menace Sleeps in Greyshire.e

    1. S

      Found another while doing A Menace Sleeps in Fociaugh.

  5. C
    Christopher Davis

    If you go to the Moogle Chocobo festival in the new holiday pack its only 80 medalions

  6. D

    It’s good to know that there’s more than one of this item in-game. I kind of sold mine unwittingly and is now stuck with just the Circular Saw as a result.

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