Episode Gladiolus Final Trial How to Beat Cor & Get Transcendence Trophy

Episode Gladiolus Final Trial is one of the battles in the Final Fantasy DLC. It’s arguably the most difficult fight in the DLC – you’ll be fighting against Cor, your mentor. He wants to make sure that Gladio is fit for his task. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Cor in Episode Gladiolus Final Trial.

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Episode Gladiolus Final Trial How to Beat Cor & Get Transcendence Trophy
Episode Gladiolus Final Trial How to Beat Cor & Get Transcendence Trophy

How to Unlock Final Trial in Episode Gladiolus

The final trial in the Episode Gladiolus DLC is a battle against Cor. You could say that this is actually the hardest fight in the DLC. However, it won’t be available to you from the beginning. First, you’ll have to beat the story section of the Gladiolus DLC to unlock Final Trial in the DLC main menu. Then, just select the Final Trial option, and the fight will commence.

How to defeat Cor in Final Trial – Tips

Cor has a few attack patterns that you can exploit to your favor. However, he also has some moves that you’ll have to steer clear of. The main strategy would be to block in order to fill up your Rage meter in order to do more damage. Then, you should parry to get your Valor meter up and enable the powerful Glaive Art attacks. You can also get in a short attack or two in between his strikes.

One of Cor’s attack patterns that’s great for getting a lot of Rage is when he attacks you with a long combo of quick attacks. Just keep your block up and watch your Rage go up. The ideal moment to strike with Glaive Arts is when Cor is vulnerable. The word “Vulnerable” will show up under Cor’s health meter. It’s best to use the quicker attacks such as Razor’s Edge, but really, any of them will do. Just get in as many attacks as you can during the vulnerability, then block again to refill you Rage.

When Cor starts glowing red, however, is when you really want to start running away. All of his attacks will break your block then. He has a very fast attack, where he’ll jump into the air and slam down with his sword. This one has a good chance to one-shot you, so keep your distance. Dodging might work (avoid spamming it, though), but it’s better to strafe or just stay as far away as possible. You can instead use this time to heal up.

Transcendence Hidden Trophy in Gladiolus DLC

Defeating Cor will unlock the secret achievement Transcendence. It’s a silver trophy. You don’t need these trophies to platinum the main game, as pointed out by Randum Dood in the comments, but you do need all of them to get 100% on the overview. For more info on the achievements, check out our FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC Trophy guide.

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