How to Feed Chocobos in FFXV

Chocobos are large birds that you can use to travel around the world of Final Fantasy XV. Chocobos have been a staple of the series for a long time.
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They serve as mounts that help you navigate quickly around Eos even off the roads where the Regalia can’t go. In this guide, we’ll show you how to feed chocobos in FFXV.

How To Feed Chocobos

Feeding Chocobos in FFXV

In Final Fantasy XV, camping and eating food is a pivotal game mechanic. Your characters gain different temporary boosts depending on what they eat when you camp. You can look up the different recipes that you can discover in the game in our Cooking Recipe Locations guide.However, this is not only the case with Noctis and friends. You can also feed chocobos, and the different foods you give them will grant different temporary bonuses throughout the next day.

Feeding your chocobos is simple. When you make camp, you get to choose which dish you want Ignis to prepare for the party. Once you’ve selected it, the game will go over to the menu titled “Greens”.Here, you can select between the different chocobo foods. You can find a table of different chocobo foods and what they do below.

Gysahl GreensRun of the mill greens that smell like chocobo.
Curiel GreensLeafy fodder prefered by chocobos. Temporarily boosts galloping speed.
Reagan GreensLeafy fodder prefered by chocobos. Temporarily boosts gliding ability.
Sylkis GreensLeafy fodder prefered by chocobos. Temporarily boosts all chocobo’s abilities.
When you choose which greens you want to give to your birds, Ignis will serve dinner. You’ll get the usual camping screen, except now, your chocobos are also around the campfire.

You can buy the food you need to boost your chocobo’s abilities in the Wiz Chocobo Post shop in Duscae. Also, if you want to find out how to get the elusive black chocobo, check out our Black Chocobo – How To Get It guide.

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