How to kill Mindflayer in FFXV

Mindflayer is one of the bosses in Final Fantasy XV, guarding the Tomb of the Wanderer. You will get the opportunity to fight him during the The Sword in the Waterfall quest. Noctis will accept the quest believing that he will find a Royal tomb location there. He will, but not before crossing swords with three Mindflayers. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to kill Mindflayer in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Mindflayer

The quest will be given to you by Talcott, Jared’s grandson. When you talk to him, he will share a legend about a sword that is hidden behind the waterfall. The closest way to the Tomb of the Wanderer is from the Burbost Souvenir Emporium Outpost.Behind the Waterfall you will find the entrance to the dungeon. It is an ice cave, full of slippery slides, sudden drops and dangerous ledges. The mobs that you will find along the way range mostly from level 13 to level 16. Once you get to the end of the tomb you will find The Mindflayer boss.

He is not big in size, but he hits pretty hard, and you will have to fight 3 versions of him. Every version of the Mindflayers has 20200 HP. Bear in mind that he is level 19. He is resistant to ice damage, but you should try to use lightning magic on him because that is his weakness. Also, it is good to know that he is most vulnerable to daggers and lance weapons, so make sure to equip one of those weapons so you deal the highest amount of damage that you can in that moment.The most important thing in this fight is to focus your damage on the first Mindflayer. Also, watch out because he will spawn waves of Imps by his side as the fight progress. The second version will spawn after some time, but try to ignore and evade that version as you continue to deal damage to the first one. When you kill both of the versions, the third Mindflayer will appear and spawn 2 Flans by his side. Kill both of the Flans first, and then focus on the boss.It may also happen that all 3 versions of the Mindflayer spawn at the same time. Make sure to lure one of the versions further away from the others and focus your attack on him.

The Mindflayer boss will be guarding the Royal Tomb. When you defeat him, unlock the door and gain access to it. There you will find the sword that is one of the Armiger weapons.

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