Final Fantasy 15 Where are Holiday Pack items

Final Fantasy XV just got its first piece of DLC. The Holiday Pack is a free add-on that gives everyone several interesting items. All you have to do is download it and start enjoying the goodies. There’s also a premium version, called Holiday Pack Plus, that’s only available to season pass owners. Although the DLC launches today, some people are having problems getting the items. This guide is going to show you how to get Holiday Pack items in Final Fantasy 15.

how to get holiday pack items in ffxv
How to get Holiday Pack Plus items in FF15 – Where are Holiday Pack items?

How to obtain Holiday Pack Plus items in FF15

Many FFXV players ask the same question – Where are the Holiday pack items? The answer is simple – after downloading the DLCs, you just need to start playing the game to get the items. They will be added to your inventory automatically. You’ll see the message above once you start the game with the DLC installed. If the message isn’t showing, then you haven’t downloaded the add-on.

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The process isn’t automatic – you’ll have to download the DLC by hand. If you have a season pass, you’ll need to get each pack separately if you want all the items. If you’re wondering which items are included in which Holiday pack, check out our Holiday Pack all items guide.

If you’re having trouble finding the DLC in the store, give it some time. The add-ons are being released at different times in different regions, and yours might not be live yet. Even if they are live, the packs can be a bit difficult to find. If they’re not showing up in the store, and you’re certain your region has them, take a look at the guide on how to get Holiday Pack DLC.

Keep in mind that some items won’t be available until late January, which is when the Chocobo Moogle festival takes place. The passports will be useless until then, and the new attires will be locked until the festivities begin.

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  1. H

    how come i can’t see any dlc in the store? I’ve downloaded the 1.03 ver but still haven’t received any yet? btw I’m in NA.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Not yet available in the NA PS Store. It should become available soon.

      1. N
        Nick Abbate

        Why is it still not out for the NA PS store?

        1. S

          its in there now, if you cannot see it on console use the phone app or pc and you can tell it to download

  2. A
    Aaron Marx

    i DID download the Holiday pack and its intalled but im still not getting the items. im on a NG+.

  3. R

    Must have season pass then can download?

  4. A

    i have season pass and can’t fint items in game
    and i have downloaded both packs

  5. A

    did download the packs but content not found in game

    and i got bonus content sceen when i booted the game

    1. M

      They don’t show up as new items, so just look through your inventory list manually, you’d probably find them.

  6. V

    Can’t even see the download it’s bloody Christmas and I ha e the season pass wtf

  7. G

    it won’t even let me download the holiday pack.

    does it means that it’s only available on the ones who got the downloaded version of the game?

  8. H

    I have this game and i even got the message to say i have gifts but still cannot find the items can anyone help?

  9. C

    I have the season pass downloaded both holiday packs at my buddies house cuz I live in a rural area I get home I still have the new game+ but all the items aren’t showing up in order to use the holiday day packs do I have to have internet all the time to use them????

    1. You also have to download them at the home as well :C

  10. I

    Annoyingly enough, it appears you have to go online every time to access the DLC. I got the deluxe edition so I have extra weapons and outfits but I can only use them if I connect online (even just for a second). If I boot the game again offline, it strips me of my bonus content

    Any ideas of how to keep them

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