Final Fantasy XV Armiger Locations - Where to Find Royal Arms

Armiger weapons or Phantom Weapons are special items in Final Fantasy XV. They are made from souls of Noctis’ ancestors, the previous kings of Lucis.
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There are 13 of these Royal Arms, which are scattered across the map, hidden in royal tombs. Only Noctis can use them, and they’re extremely powerful. On the downside, using them drains your HP constantly. You’ll have to be careful while wielding them. Getting them all will unlock the Fateful Heir trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Armiger locations in Final Fantasy XV, as well as their stats.

If you’re having trouble finding the tombs, be sure to check out our Royal Tomb Locations guide, which will give you precise directions to each crypt. Most of them are tied to main missions, but some are not, and you might have trouble finding them.

Sword of The Wise

The first Armiger you’ll find is in the Tomb of the Wise. During the Legacy quest, which is part of the main story, Cor Leonis will invite you to the tomb to discuss something. This happens shortly after you discover Insomnia has been invaded. After you go to the tomb in the north of Leide and talk to him, you’ll get the sword. You’ll also be instructed how to use these powerful items the right way.

Description: A king build a mighty wall and protected the realm. This was his sword. It devastates foes with preemptive warp-strikes.
  • Attack 194
  • HP +100
  • Vitality +30
  • Magic +30
  • Spirit +30

Axe of The Conqueror

The second Armiger is also gained as part of the main quest. After you get the first one, Cor will lead you to Keycatrich Trench, a nearby dungeon. At the end of the dungeon, you’ll find the Tomb of the Conqueror, where you’ll find your prize. Cor will hand you the key that open the rest of the tombs, but he’ll leave on urgent business.

Description: A king performed great feats of arms, expanded his realm, and made his people prosper. This was his halberd. It wreaks havoc with slow but mighty blows.
  • Attack 483
  • Strength +60
  • Vitality -80

Greatsword of the Tall

The Of Gods And Kings quest you get from Vyv (the plump guy on the Lestallum riviera) will lead you to the Tomb of the Tall in Fallgrove. When you get there, you’ll find the tomb has been robbed. A note points you towards the deamons of Costlemark.

Once in the Costlemark Tower dungeon, you’ll have to defeat a lvl58 Jabberwock to get the sword.

Description: A king was build like a mountain, towering over all others. This was his greatsword. The resonating blade rips and tears through foes.
  • Attack 518
  • Health +200
  • Spirit -30
  • Fire resistance -40%
  • Ice resistance -40%
  • Lightning resistance -40%
  • Dark resistance -40%

Swords of the Wanderer

The swords are found in a dungeon behind a waterfall, in the main story quest The Sword in the Waterfall. Once you clear the dungeon, you’ll find the entrance to the Tomb of the Wanderer.

Description: A king was quick like the wind and went where no man had gone before. These were his blades. Apart they rain fury – together they deliver thundering blows.
  • 153 Attack
  • Vitality +50
  • Spirit +50

Mace of The Fierce

The mace is located in the Tomb of the Fierce, which is hidden in a mountain dungeon in the southwestern corner of the map. Go to the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon and climb all the way to the top.

Description: A king was gentle before his people but an ogre on the battlefield. This was his mace. It deals crippling blows to mighty foes.
  • 334 Attack
  • Health +300
  • Shot resistance -50%

Blade of the Mystic

This greatsword is located in the ruins of the Tomb of the Mystic. You’ll find it during the Archaean quest, when you fight the Titan.

Description: A king rose to protect teh world with the Oracle. This was his sword. When swung, it enhances the wielder’s prowess.
  • Attack 396
  • Health +150
  • Vitality +30
  • Dark resistance +20%

Scepter of the Pious

You’ll find this staff in the Tomb of the Pious, which is hidden in the Malmalam Thicket dungeon, in the far southwest of the map. It’s guarded by a lvl 38 Bandersnatch.

Description: A king ruled the realm according to divine law and worked hand in hand with the Oracle. This was his staff. It smites foes with a blade of light.
  • Attack 237
  • Magic +150
  • Dark resistance +50%

Bow of the Clever

The bow can be obtained from the Tomb of the Clever. You’ll find the crypt at the end of the Balouve Mines dungeon in Leide. It’s approximately halfway between Hammerhead and Galdin Quay. You’ll need to defeat a lvl 52 Aramusha inside.

Description: A king was versed in myriad arts both martial and intellectual. This was his crossbow. The bearer skewers foes while flitting across the battlefield.
  • Attack 203
  • Magic +80
  • Shot resistance +50%

Star of the Rogue

This curious weapon is hidden in the Tomb of the Rogue, which can be found in the Myrlwood dungeon, near Vesperpool in the northwest.

Description: A queen spurned the public eye and took to the shadows. This was her shuriken. From near and far, it traces deadly arcs to the left and right.
  • Attack 177
  • Fire resistance +20%
  • Ice resistance +20%
  • Lightning resistance +20%

Shield of the Just

The shield can be found in the Tomb of the Just, which at Thommels Glade, a bit west of The Disc.

Description: A queen devoted herself to peace and was loved by all. This was her shield. It deflects blows and bolsters recovery when raised in defense.
  • Attack 251
  • Health +1 000
  • MP -50
  • Strength -100
  • Vitality +200
  • Fire resistance +10%
  • Ice resistance +10%
  • Lightning resistance +10%
  • Dark resistance +10%
  • Shot resistance +10%

Katana of The Warrior

You’ll get the katana as part of the main story, during the Hand of the King quest. After you beat the lvl 38 Marlboro in the mine, you’ll get the weapon.

Description: A king was changed forever when his beloved queen was taken from him prematurely. This was his katana. It is drawn and strikes in a single heartbeat.
  • Attack 361
  • Spirit +100
  • Fire resistance +25%
  • Ice resistance +25%
  • Lightning resistance +25%
  • Dark resistance -50%

Trident of the Oracle

This one is also part of the main story. You’ll get it in the train, after you defeat the lvl 34 Deathclaw in the Breath of the Glacian quest.

Description: A strong and noble woman was loved by the world. She granted succor to the star and brought man and god together. This was the trident of her line. It makes allies of the wielder’s holograms.
  • Attack 388
  • MP +60

Sword of the Father

The final armiger is obtained automatically near the end of the game. You’ll get it after you lose all your gear in Zegnautus Keep.

Description: A king was father to the Chosen One, and nurtured the Light that would shine upon all creation. This was his mighty sword. It makes the great greater.
  • Attack 144
  • Strength +100
  • Magic +100




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    Axe of the Conquerer has incorrects stats. It gives -80 to vitality when equipped, but still bestows +60 strength. Its a trade-off weapon.

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    Having trouble finding the Bow after defeating the boss? There is a creck you can pass thrugh the wall going up 2 stairwells. Next to 2 giant blocks, kinda hot to spot. Thats where the tomb is.

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