Magnetron Locations FFXV

FFXV Magnetron Locations guide shows where to find these treasure items. This treasure is a key item in upgrading Noiseblaster machinery weapon.
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It is an objective in the upgrade quest called A Better Noiseblaster. It is really easy to miss it, thus making it hard to find. You’ll get this quest once you collect the Noiseblaster and talk to Cid.

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Final Fantasy XV Magnetron locations

The exact location of the Magnetron is within chapter 13, the part where you enter the Zegnautus Keep and try to find Prompto. This is a part of the chapter where you have to make your way through by updating a keycard. This keycard lets you access the upper levels.

Sooner or later, you’ll get to the part where you have to rescue Prompto. In the same room where he is suppose to be is the terminal that raises your security clearance level to 3. This is the breaking point. Only now can you enter the four rooms that you’ve walked by on your way here. Go and enter the one that is positioned northwest from the other three.Inside this room, together with a lvl 30 Snaga, is the Magnetron. It is the only item found inside. It is lying on the ground, next to several green boxes.

With the Magnetron, go back to Cid and give him the material. He will tell you to come later for the upgrade. Go ahead and complete a couple of side quests or hunt quests. Come back to Cid once they are done. If he still refuses to give you an upgraded Noiseblaster, go to the nearby resting place. Take a peek at the lower left corner of the screen. You’ll be notified how many days have passed. Cid gave us a call for other upgrade quests after five days at the resting place.

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