Better Noiseblaster Quest in FFXV

A Better Noiseblaster Quest is a side quest you can take in Final Fantasy XV. It falls into the machinery weapon category.
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We will show you how to upgrade Noiseblaster in this guide.

FFXV Better Noiseblaster QuestNote: This guide is a work in progress. We will continue to update it as we gather more info.

FFXV Noiseblaster Upgrade

The Noiseblaster is a machinery weapon, and it’s pretty powerful weapon. It emits a devastating sonic wave over a large area to deal damage to your enemies. You can pick it up in Fort Vaullerey Imperial base. For more detailed instructions, check out our Machinery Weapon Locations guide.

Just like all other machinery weapons, Cid Sophiar is the man to talk to when it comes to upgrading them. Of course, he can’t do it unless you bring him some item to use.

For the Noiseblaster upgrade, you’ll have to bring him a magnetron. Magnetrons are items that you can obtain in different ways. You can either find it as a collectible in Gralea or as a drop from the MA-Hoplomachus enemy. However, it’s a very rare drop, so you might want to head to Gralea after all. Take a look at our Magnetron Locations guide for more info on how to get magnetrons.

Once you acquire a magnetron, head back to Cid Sophiar when you can. Make sure to unequip the Noiseblaster if you have it equipped. Hand him the Noiseblaster and the magnetron. It’s all on him from there. You’re free to go, since it might take him several days to finish working on the weapon. You’ll get the notification telling you to pass the time by completing quests, but it’s better if you just go and rest for several days. You’ll get a counter on how many days you’ve spent there. After about five days, you’ll get a call from Cid telling you that the weapon’s done. After that, just go back and pick up your Noiseblaster Plus.

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