New boss fight in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is coming to our consoles in less than two weeks. So far, much has been said about the game, and some of the footage from the game can already be seen.
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One thing we know for sure, this new Square Enix RPG will be one of the best games that will be released this year.

The demo for the Japanese PlayStation Network is currently available and is free to download for all the people with the access to the JPN account. In the demo, in the Sewer foundations, a glitch can be used to access the boss fight. Check out the video below to see how the boss in the sewers looks like and to see the whole fight that Noctis and his friends must endure to defeat him.

Rumsogand boss fight

After the long segment in the sewers, and after a lot of mobs that Noctis must kill to get to this boss, there will be a cut scene that will introduce you to the boss Rumsogand. The mobs before him are around level 40, and the boss itself is level 50.

Rumsogand is a giant snakelike creature that will emerge from the depths of the sewers. It also have some features of a dragon, especially on some parts of the head, but during the fight with it, you will see that it is shaped like a snake, and that is why is hiding in the sewer canals. This was certainly not an easy boss and the fight seems really intense. The player must get really good at dodging and conserving MP, as there seems to be no hiding spots in this boss fight. You can also get the help from Carbuncle.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on the 29th of November and for all of the tips and tricks in FFXV, check back to see our Final Fantasy XV guide, as we will update it on a daily basis.

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