Persona 5 Game Mechanics Trailer Released

Deep Silver have published a new trailer for Persona 5. The latest video is focused on game mechanics, explaining how the game works in some detail. It shows a bunch of info about the real world happenings, but almost nothing from the Palace – don’t expect to see any Shadow slaying. Although, it does show off some of the new and not so new characters as a bonus.

The trailer opens up with Igor welcoming the chained-up player character into the Velvet Room. It leaves all your questions unanswered, and skips into the real world, where you get to see some of your future comrades, classmates and friends.

After some sightseeing, the video starts listing various activities around the city. You’ll be able to go to the movies, eat fast food, work in a diner or at a bar, workout in a gym, practice your swing in a baseball cage, watch TV at home, catch fish by the river and more.

We don’t know what kind of effects which activity will have, apart from the workout, which increased the protagonists maximum health points by nine. A couple of the supporting characters were also shown – namely, a doctor, a gun nut and a barrista. Each of them will offer some bonuses or a kind of service. For instance, the middle-aged gun nut Iwai is in charge of weapon customization.

If you’re interested in seeing how the battles work, you should just look for videos from the Japanese version on Youtube. Since it came out in Japan a couple of months ago, Persona 5 has gone on to become the best selling game in the series there, so our hopes are high. There simply aren’t enough games that let you be a demon-slaying teenager anymore.

Persona 5 has been delayed recently, and is now planned for an April 4th release. It will be released on Playstation 4 and 3.

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