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Oracle ascension coins are a key item in Final Fantasy XV that can be found throughout the game. These items can be sold for a small amount of gil, and may appear to be trinkets at first.
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Their real use remains hidden until much later in the game, so you should hold onto them. In this guide, we’re going to show you all oracle ascension coin locations in Final Fantasy XV, along with a map.

oracle ascension coin locations ffxv

FFXV Oracle Coin Locations

Oracle coins are special coins made to commemorate the ascension of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Oracle extraordinaire and future bride of Noctis, the game’s protagonist. They’re scattered across the kingdom of Lucis, but their purpose becomes clear once you reach the last third of the game. There is a special vendor that sells very valuable items, but as currency he accepts only oracle ascension coins. The most expensive item he sells is an accessory that costs 40 ascension coins and provides immunity to all ailments (poison, petrification, toad and so on). This makes the item one of the most useful in the game and it will help you defeat the hardest end game bosses. Bellow is a map of all Oracle ascension coin locations we have found so far with a list describing where you can pick them up at each location. Thi guide is still work in progress and we’ll be adding more locations until we find all 40.

ffxv oracle ascension coin locations map v1

No.Oracle Ascension location guideMap Screenshot
1.Found in Galdin Quay restaurant. From the central desk, where you buy food, go a bit towards the docks and to the left. Coin is on one of the tables.
2.Found inside Keycatrich Trench dungeon. Inside the room with locked doors. Next to some barrels and a blue wooden board leaned against the wall. Look at the provided image for exact locations of both this one and number 3.keycatrich trench ascension coin location map
3.When in Keycatrich Trench dungeon you go through a small section because all the other doors are lock, the coin is in the rubble of a collapsed tunnel’s end.
4.You unlock Praire outpost in northern Leide once you start Chapter 2 of the game. There is a vendor across the hunter’s outpost. There are some wrecked parked cars there and a brick building. You can actually jump on top of the roof of that building and you’ll find the ascension coin there.prairie-outpost-ascension-coin
5.From Coernix Station – Alstor outpost go across the road south. There is a small parking lot there with some construction rubble. Coin is between a couple of abandoned cars.coernix-station-alstor-ascension-coin-location-ffxv
6.I found one in Lestallum while doing the main quest a Stroll for Two. Best check out the screenshot provided which shows the zoomed in map of exact location.lestallum oracle ascension coin map
7.Go to Burbost Souvenir Emporium outpost. As you exit the car there are traffic cones behind you and the ascension coin is located next to one.burbost-souvenir-emporium-ascension-coin
8.Greyshire Grotto dungeon is part of the main story quest. Inside is another coin you can find towards the end of the dungeon, as seen on the map screenshot, showing the exact location of the collectible.greyshire-grotto-coin
9.Trial of Ramuh Chapter 5 main quest takes place in Fociaugh Hollow dungeon. One Oracle Ascension Coin is found next to the first lootable plants you come across as you make your way through the Hollow.ffxv fociaugh hollow ascension oracle coin map
10.Cauthess Rest Area outpost has several buildings southeast of the gas pump. You will need to get on top of the farther one, because the ascension coin is located on its roof. You can take the stairs there.ffxv-cauthess-rest-area-roof-coin
11.Visit Coernix Station – Cauthess in Duscae. There is a parking lot with construction rubble and a couple of buildings across the road from the gas station. When you cross the road you can go down some stairs and the coin is located right next to the staircase wall.coernixstation-cauthess-coin-map-final-fantasy-15
12.Taelpar Rest Area is the next outpost you can visit for an ascension coin. Behind the diner there (Crow’s Nest) you will find the shine of the coin item on a metal cupboard (you’ll see some wooden logs there). Look behind the weapons vendor for it.taelpar-rest-area-ascension-coin
13.There is an outpost when you make your way to the volcano in western Cleigne called Verinas Mart – Ravatogh. Just right of the weapons vendor is where the building ends. Among some hardware, behind a trash can, is where the coin is at. Please reference the screenshot and the minimap on it for exact location.verinas-mart-ravatogh-coin-location
14.There are at least 8x oracle ascension coins to be found in the Pitioss secret dungeon at the end of the game. More info about these will be added in a separate guide.ffxv secret dungeon location
15.There’s one coin behind the shop at Hammerhead garage, on top of an AC unit.hammerhead oracle coin ff15
16.One is north of the camping spot just north of Hammerhead. Climb the rocks, than jump onto the base of the tower. The coin is inside.leide camping spot oracle coin ffxv
17.You can find one at the Longwythe rest area, betweenhe white tanks in the east.longwythe pass oracle ascension coin
18.On the northern edge of the Wiz Chocobo Post compound.wiz chocobo post oracle coin
19.Near the end of the Glacial Grotto dungeon, a bit southeast from the lightning deposit.glacial grotto oracle coin
20.One is on the final floor of Steyliff Grove dungeon, in the small room to the east of the deposits you reach before the boss fight.
21.In Altissia, in the Parco Listro district. It’s in the western corner of the plaza.altissia oracle coin location
22.In Balouve Mines, you’ll find one in the room where you fight the Aramusha boss. It’s on the eastern edge of the room.
23.In Crestholm Channels, you can get one in the first southbound corridor west of the room where you fight Jormungand.crestholm channels oracle coin ff15
24.There’s another one in Myrlwood, in the western part of the first open area.myrlwood oracle coin location final fantasy 15
25.You can pick one up in Malmalam Thicket, in the last open area before the boss fight. It’s a bit north of the fire deposit, near the camping spot.
26.One is hidden in the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon. It’s just south of the entrance.
27.Each locked door dungeon part has at least one: Keycatrich Trench (1), Balouve Mines (1), Fociaugh Hollow (1), Glacial Grotto (1), Daurel Caverns (3), Crestholm Channels (2), Costlemark Tower (1), Steyliff Grove (2).

What are Oracle Ascension Coins for

There is an oracle coin vendor later in the game, in Altissia, who accepts the coins as currency. His name is Alessio, and he can be found in a cafe in the northeast of the city. His inventory includes a mega elixir and a bunch of great accessories.




  1. B

    I found 2 more not on your list. There is one at the Hammerhead rest stop, on side of one of either the store or cid’s garage is an AC unit, on top of it’s a coin. Also in the next stop, Longwythe, on the walls around the white gas tanks near where Hunter Dave is, is another coin.

  2. M

    Not sure how repeatable this is but I just got an Oracle Ascension Coin as a random drop from a Cactuar. It spawned randomly with the low level dogs (sabertusk?) between Fayemoor Haven and the imperial base to the north.

  3. K

    I have one more. There is a tower by the campsite behind hammerhead. If you jump on the pile of stones you can then jump on the base of the tower from that, and hop inside the structure. Coin is right in the middle.

  4. M

    After finishing adamantoise hunt talk to Dave at longwythe rest area. You’ll be sequestered into the diner and everyone will give you an oracle coin (x8). Dave can be found in the same location as where he was the first time you visited the rest area.

    1. N

      For this reason it’s important to finish all the side quests before you start the Adamantoise quest. More people show up to support you if you finish their quest lines first, with a maximum of 15, I think.

  5. T

    I forgot to count, but I was able to pick up quite a few in the optional Pitioss dungeon. I was able to buy a Ribbon after that. I wonder how many total there are in the game. I still have 3 left ad I’m sure there’s some I missed.

  6. B

    There is 3ea in some spot on Pitioss dungeon

  7. A

    Or he got the coins i thought he missed, and hadn’t met as many friends/job contacts but there are potentially 12 to 14 to come out of that diner

  8. S

    Found one in accordo. It’s close to listro Park North Station. Head Southwest as soon as you get off the gondola. Down a set of steps, keep going straight. Hop over the railing and its right under a bush.

  9. S

    K so you don’t ride the gondola to that point but if you go there, then follow my previous directions, it’s there

  10. G

    I might have missed some, but I just picked up 49 from the Pitioss Dungeon. I was flying blind with no guides or videos and it took 6 hours, but now I have enough for two ribbons. I saved before walking in with 32, and walked out with 81.

  11. J

    So after beating Adamantoise, people show up in the diner to give you coins…the thing is, they only show up if you’ve completed their entire side quest line. I ended up getting 12 from the people, plus one for checking a note on the table and one more talking to Dave to exit the room. That’s 14 coins total for me! (I’m level 99 and completed every quest in game except Menace beneath Costlemark)

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