How to unlock Chocobo riding in FFXV

Chocobo riding is one of the main transportation options in Final Fantasy XV. This option is locked and the players can’t get Chocobos until they unlock FFXV Chocobo rent stations.
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This guide will show you how to get Chocobos in Final Fantasy XV.

Chocobo rent stations

Once you get to Duscae, Prompto will inform you that you should try Chocobo riding. That will initiate the Friends of a Feather quest. Go to the Wiz Chocobo Outpost and speak to the tipster Wiz. He will explain to you that riding Chocobos at this moment is not safe, because of a Behemoth who is roaming the area. Noctis and his friends must find and defeat the Behemoth called Deadeye, and thus unlock the Chocobo rent stations. As a reward, the player will get 1500 XP and a Chocobo whistle. If you are having trouble with killing Deadeye, check out our guide on how to kill Behemoth.

Once you kill the Behemoth, report back to Wiz, and he will inform you that the area is safe. You will get the information that Chocobos are now available for renting. You can purchase Chocobo rental tickets from Rent-a-Bird Terminals.From that point on, you can rent chocobos, change their names, change their color and add medals around their neck. Also, you can level up Chocobos and on higher levels they can have different attributes, like additional speed and a stamina boost. They can even have some basic combat skills, but generally they are scared easily, so you should stay away from enemies while you are riding.

They may be slower than the Regalia, but they allow you to go off-road and fully explore the world without constraints.

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