FFXV PC Version Is A Potential Xbox Play Anywhere Title (Rumor)

Final Fantasy XV might be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, according to recent rumors. There’s no official word of it, and FFXV isn’t on the list Microsoft published, but it could be added – the PC release is still months away, so there’s hope. If it ends up being true, it would mean that Xbox One owners would get the PC version for free on the Windows Store – which would be a nice.

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Final Fantasy XV PC Version Is A Potential Xbox Play Anywhere Title

Will FFXV Xbox players get the Windows version for free?

For now, the official answer is no. However, there’s a faint glimmer of hope. According to an Imgur album that recently appeared online, there’s a listing for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on the Xbox One store. The best case scenario is that someone at Microsoft jumped the gun and revealed the addition before it was planned. Of course, it could end up being just a simple mistake – it wouldn’t be the first time.

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The rumor seems unlikely to be true if you think about the specifics some more. Play Anywhere games are usually only on Xbox and PC. Since Final Fantasy XV was released on Playstation, it would be odd if it appeared here. There’s also the difference between the console and PC versions – the latter will be graphically enhanced, with mod support and an optional first person camera. Still, even these differences wouldn’t necessarily be as big a roadblock as they seem – the two versions could theoretically still share save files.

Hopefully Microsoft or Square Enix make a statement soon, clearing up the confusion that is slowly mounting around the issue. It would be nice if it were true – the PC version is supposed to be visually superior, and no Xbox player with a capable PC would refuse to give it a spin.

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