Destiny 2 Engrams Decrypting Checks Automatically Your Best Gear Level

In Destiny 2, players will get higher light level gear while decrypting Engrams, without the need to equip the best gear from the inventory. This old staple of the previous game will finally be changed in the new game, according to a tweet from Mark Noseworthy, Bungie Project Lead.

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Destiny 2 Engrams Decrypting Checks Automatically Your Best Gear Level
Destiny 2 Engrams Decrypting Checks Automatically Your Best Gear

The need to equip the best gear, with the highest light level, before decrypting Engrams, was pretty much a core mechanic of vanilla Destiny. This process was a must if you wanted to get better gear from the Engrams. It didn’t really even matter if the higher level gear had useless stats; the only thing that mattered was the overall light level. Well, that’s about to change completely.

This mechanic, which at this point is an automatic process for many players, after all those Engram decryptions, will be removed in the Destiny sequel. The game will now automatically check your highest light level, including the gear located in your inventory, before deciding on the light level of the new decrypted pieces of gear.

This new feature is really something that will be a great plus for the game; less time spent in the menu means more time for shooting and having fun. A great improvement for sure.

The Destiny 2 Cryptarch Archivist is also found in the main social hub space. Her name is Tyra Karn, and you’ll find her near the circular fountain, near the landing zone. The small house where she is found in is hard to miss. It is full of all kinds of different-colored lights, just after a small wooden bridge, with a huge water wheel at its rear entrance. It seems like she is also in charge of power production as well.

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