Monster Hunter World Wiggle Me This Event Unlocks Wiggler Head

Wiggle Me This is a new event quest in Monster Hunter World. It’s only going to be available for the next week, so you should hurry up if you’re interested in the prize. Which is, by the way, a Wiggler Head helmet, the single goofiest piece of armor in the game. The stats might not be to your liking, but if there’s one cosmetic item everyone should own, then this is it. Just look at it.

monster hunter world wiggle me this event wiggler head
Monster Hunter World Wiggle Me This Event Unlocks Wiggler Helmet

It has that sock puppet aesthetic nailed down, but it also wiggles when you walk, making you look like a complete dolt. I am in love with it. I will wear it until the end of time.

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How to get Wiggler Head helmet?

Getting the Wiggler Head divine headger is all about completing the Wiggle Me This event quest several times over. As one would expect. You go to the notice board, scroll down to events and take a look. The quest is rather simple – all you have to do is caputre 10 Wigglers.

Wigglers are those tubey things that stick out from the ground in the Coral Highlands, quickly burrowing deeper when they notice you approach. You can snatch them with your capture net. When you nab one, the rest will retreat, making you wait behind a corner until they resurface.

When you’ve got 10 of them in your bag, return to Astera and you’ll be rewarded with a Wiggler Ticket. Once you have three tickets, run along to the smithy and ask the nice man to craft you this precious piece of headwear. You’ll need to give him a handful of regular crafting materials as well, and a certain amount of money, too. It’s nothing to steep, though. Especially considering what you’ll get in return.

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