Regalia Car in Final Fantasy XV

Regalia is the vehicle used for traveling across the area by the main characters in Final Fantasy XV. This black-colored, four-seater convertible with a leather interior, is mainly driven by Ignis and Noctis.
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At the start of the game you can’t, as it is broken and needs repair. This brings another attachment level to this car, making it almost as a part of the group.

Regalia Final Fantasy XV

FFXV Car General Info

Regalia, like most cars, uses Gas. As you drive around the amount of gas depletes. You have to refill it at the gas station, or call on Cidney to pick you up. It costs a small amount of gil.
  1. Regalia’s true owner is Noctis’s father Regis. The car’s license plate “RHS-113” refers to him being the 113th ruler.
  2. During the night only Noctis can drive the car, while when it is day Ignis can take over. This changes later into the game.
  3. There are several driving modes in game: Auto, Resume and Manual.
  4. Auto – Ignis drive. This is where you select a destination and have Ignis drive you there. You can set this destination on top of the parking spot, quest location and any other map point. This option also allows fast travel. It costs gil, but it saves precious time. If you however decide not to spend gil, Ignis will still drive but it takes time. Time that is shown next to the poi.
  5. Resume – Resume journey to the latest auto drive destination.
  6. Manual – drive the car yourself.
  7. There are many camera views inside the Regalia. One of them is the first person camera. To change the camera while in the car press L1/LB on your controller.
  8. Passengers in Regalia react to the driving style. Fast braking makes them stumble in front of them, some of them even drop their stuff.
  9. Being a convertible, the roof lowers into the trunk when it is sunny, and it pulls up when it is raining, night.
  10. Customization options consist of: changing color of the body, interior and wheel. Adding schematics of different color schemes, decals, new music scores and more. You can also add components to the car. As you progress toward the end of the game you can upgrade the Regalia to fly.
  11. Some of the commands inside the car are: accelerate, brake/reverse, U-turn, hop out, play pause music, previous and or next scores.
  12. There are limited areas where you can drive it. You can’t drive it everywhere. Think of it like an invisible tunnel. You can only drive inside of the “tunnel”. You can’t drive the vehicle outside the invisible walls of the tunnel.
  13. Limitations to the driving area stop once you upgrade the car to Regalia Type-F. This is when Regalia gets the ability to fly. Once in the air, you can change your direction any way you like. The limitations here are the runway you can land on, objects like lamp posts, rocks and anything you can get the car stuck onto.
  14. Fast travel feature is one of the best things about this car. Once inside the Regalia, you can fast travel to any previously discovered location. This option saves a lot time. Even more useful, you can tow the Regalia. For only 100 Gil, you and the car get teleported to Hammerhead.
  15. You can damage the car. It feels like this happens if you encounter the enemies during the night and they perform their attacks on the car (or you cast the magic spells). You can’t charge Regalia toward the other cars. If you try it, Regalia and the other vehicle slows down, up to the point where they stop.

Regalia Customization

To customize Regalia find and talk to Cindy. Cindy is one of the few female characters in Final Fantasy XV. She is a head mechanic, with distinct mechanic clothes. Once you talk with her, she will give you the option to customize the car.

Regalia Type F Final Fantasy XVSome of the new customization options can be bought from the shop owners. They are not cheap by any means. If you are wondering where you can spend all those hard-earned gil, you can do it here.
  1. Body – this option changes the color the body of the car. Black is the default color. Some of the shown colors are blue and white.
  2. Interior – this option changes the color of the interior. Black & white is the default one. Some of the shown colors are: Light beige, Walnut Brown, Camel Brown, Dark Rose, Gilded Lilac, Dark Charcoal, Raven Black and more.
  3. Wheel – this option changes the color of the wheels. Metallic Silver is the default color. Some of the shown colors are: Metallic Gold, Nightstar Silver, Matte Whitestar, Matte Blackstar and more.
  4. Decals – this option adds patterns to the different parts of the car. Decals can be applied to the body, left and right side, top, front and rear.
  5. Component – Install new parts to improve the Regalia’s performance. This is the end game for the Regalia. This is where you can make the car fly and transforms into Regalia Type-F – the flying car Noctis.
  6. Final Fantasy XV offers different Pre-Order Bonus Skins – Cindy Regalia Skin, Golden Chocobo Regalia Skin, Platinum Leviathan Regalia Skin and 16-bit Buddies Regalia Skin.