Character Customization | Final Fantasy XV

Character Attire Customization consists of several different outfits for each character. They come in standard and no jacket edition.
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While playing you can change them at any given time. You don’t need to approach a shop or an NPC to talk to in order to activate the new look. Here’s everything we know about Final Fantasy XV outfits.

Character Customization Final Fantasy XV

How to customize characters in Final Fantasy XV

From the main menu go to the gears section, choose the character and look for the Attire tab in the lower left corner of the screen. This option brings up an additional menu with owned outfits. From here you can check out the costumes and choose the one you want to wear. You can perform this action anytime you want. You might be forbidden to do so only while in combat.

If we are to make a conclusion from the information gathered so far, we can say that there are four basic attire sets.
  1. Prince’s Fatigues with & without the jacket – only used by Noctis.
  2. Crownsguard Fatigues with & without the jacket – only Noctis can’t wear it.
  3. Casual Outfit and Kingly Raiment with & without the jacket – used by all characters.

The purpose of the character customization besides the new stylish presentation is a change of stats and buffs as well. Yes, it is true, different outfits give different stats with different buffs.

  1. Prince’s Fatigues – The battle garb of the Lucian prince. Designed to protect the heir to the throne and increase his health.
  2. Prince’s Fatigues (No Jacket) – The battle garb of the Lucian prince, without the jacket. Designed to boost his strength in combat.
  3. Crownsguard Fatigues – The battle garb of the Crownsguard. Designed to protect the wearer and increase their health.
  4. Crownsguard Fatigues (No Jacket) – The battle garb of the Crownsguard, without the jacket. Designed to boost the wearer’s strength in combat.
  5. Casual Outfit – Simple, casual clothes. Designed to defend against stat-reducing status ailments.
  6. Casual Outfit (No Jacket) – Simple, casual clothes, without the jacket. Allows the wearer to move freely and land critical hits more easily.
  7. Kingly Raiment – The clothing of the Chosen King. The inner lining defends against physical blows and invigorates the wearer’s spirit.
  8. Kingly Raiment (No Jacket) – The clothing of the Chosen King, minus the jacket. Allows the King to move freely and recover his health and magic faster.
  9. Thermal Suit – An extra-thick, heat-resistant suit specially designed to increase the wearer’s health and provide protection from fire.
These are not the final outfits in the game. Some of the attires come in different purchasable Final Fantasy XV editions. For example, you can get the Royal Raiment outfit with the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, the Royal Raiment Suit when you buy Kings Glaive on PlayStation and more. Check out our guide on Preorder Bonuses & Editions.

Noctis Attire Customization

Noctis has two basic outfits. Like the others, they come in jacket and no jacket variants, making it a total of four. Prince’s Fatigues is the most famous one as it is shown on almost every trailer. Casual outfits gives him a white color shirt with a cap.

Gladioulus Attire Customization

Gladioulus, childhood friend of Noctis, likes to wear Crownsguard Fatigues without the jacket. Who wouldn’t with those glorious biceps.

Ignis Attire Customization

Ignis Scientia likes to wear gloves in all of his outfit customizations. That wouldn’t be weird at all if he was not the party’s chief.

Prompto Attire Customization

Prompto Argentum, unlike the other characters, doesn’t like the jackets with long sleeves.

Thermal Suit Customization

During chapter 8, part “A Precious Source of Power”, Noctis will wear this suit. Luckily for us, you can find it near the Power Plant later on in the game. This time everyone can wear it. There is only one suit, so take a pick! We’ve made a Thermal Suit Location Guide.