Skills in Final Fantasy XV

FFXV Skills are professions each of the main characters can advance in. Noctis has a knack for fishing, Gladiolus is in charge of survival, Ignis is into cooking, while Prompto loves photography. Each of these skills has its benefits, and they can be trained simply by using them. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything we know about Final Fantasy XV skills, what benefits they provide, how to advance them.

final fantasy xv skills
Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it when the game launches.

Fishing skill – Noctis

Fishing is Noctis’ favorite pastime. In order to do it, he needs to find a fishing spot and use proper equipment. As you get better at it, you’ll have to get a better rod, line, winding mechanism and various lures.

When you catch a fish, you’ll be rewarded with a handful of AP and the fish in question. The better you are at it, the bigger the rewards will be.

There are some quests that require fishing. One of them is found in Galdin Quay. It is easy to miss. The quest client is a cat on the pier. You have to interact with her to start the quest. The quest is called Kitty Catering. This is one of the first mini side quests, where the game introduces you to Noctis’s fishing skill.

Survival skill – Gladiolus

Not much is known about Gladio’s profession at this point, but he seems to be in charge of picking stuff up. At lower levels, his skill allows him to automatically collect loot from the battlefield – useful things, like potions and gear. Some sources claim it will be advanced by exploration.

Cooking skill – Ignis

Cooking is probably the most important of the four skills. It allows Ignis to prepare food while camping. He’ll need fresh ingredientes – either salvaged by Gladiolus or caught by Noctis – to prepare healthy, invigorating meals. Each recipe allows you to make a different meal, and every one of them increases certain stats for a while.

For example, the Veggie Stew grants bonuses to health and attack. Leveling the skill will unlock more recipes.

Photography skill – Prompto

Finally, there’s Prompto’s inclination for photography. It might seem useless (as much about him does), but it grants AP and provides an important service for the player, if not the characters. Prompto will shoot photos on his own while you play. Once you make camp, you’ll get the option to review his pics and choose the ones you like the most and save them. It’s like a smart auto-screenshot feature, which will let you immortalize your favorite moments from the game without any effort on your part.

Apart from that, you’ll get the chance to visit special photoshoot spots and pose for him. These are mostly set in breathtaking locales, like natural vistas and such.

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