FFXV Timed Quest Rush Contest Round 9 Starts August 29th

Final Fantasy XV timed quest starts on August 29th lasts until September 5th. It takes place in Leirity Seaside, where you are faced with two Malboro and Malbodoom. They are level 38 and 65, making it a bit higher difficulty compared to the lowest chapter requirements.

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FFXV August 29th Timed Quest Rush Contest Round 9
FFXV Timed Quest Rush Contest Round 9 Starts August 29th

This week, the FFXV Timed Quest takes place in Leirity Seaside, located in the southwestern part of the main map. There is a parking spot called Cleigne: Cape Caem found nearby, six minutes away from Hammerhead. From the parking spot, head west and find a small gap between the rock formations on both sides. As you get close to the beach, the timed quest starts.

  • Target:
    • 2x Malboro level 38
    • 2x Malbodoom level 65
  • Restrictions:
    • Summoning one of the Six or receiving help from Carbuncle during a timed quest will invalidate your score.
    • Cannot use the Ragnarok.
    • Cannot use the Ring of the Lucii.
    • Cannot use the Magitek Exosuit.
  • Active: Chapter 3 Onward
  • Bounty:
    • Prize Exchange 50 QP
    • Rush Contest Round 9 50 QP

Timed Quests were added into the game in late February 2017. You can find them in the in-game main menu. If you click on it, you’ll get the information about its name, location, duration, restrictions, rewards, and more. To start them, you need to go to its location shown in the timed quest information. As you get close to it, the quest starts. You can see the timed quest creatures from a distance, by the fairly obvious exclamation marks above their heads.

A stable internet connection is needed for the entire duration of the Timed Quest. The score you make can be shared with the community, giving you additional prizes. The quests are repeatable, and you can claim the rank bonuses hourly, daily, and weekly. However, the bounty can only be picked up once. If you abort the quest, you can replay it from its starting location.

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