ESO Horns of The Reach DLC Arrives on Consoles

Horns of the Reach, the lastest DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, has been released on Xbox One and Playstation 4. The add-on has been available on PC for a couple of weeks, but now console players are getting it as well. In order to play it, you’ll need to either have an active ESO Plus membership, or buy it from the Crown store.

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eso horns of the reach dlc released
ESO Horns of The Reach DLC Arrives on Consoles

The DLC’s main selling point are the two new dungeons – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold – both meant for groups of four players. The first one is about stopping a group of Reachmen and minotaurs from getting their hands on the eponymous forge, an “altar to all things primal and untamed”. The second one will require you to defend a stronghold from a siege. Again, it’s those nasty Reachmen and their nasty minotaur buddies wreaking havoc. Both dungeons will reward you with unique items when you beat them. You can access them from Craglorn – the forge is in the southeast, while the hold is in the west.

Update 15 is being released alongside the DLC, and it’s freely available to all players. The most important part of this update are the new map and mode for Battlegrounds (these require having ESO: Morrowind). The map is called Arcane University, and it’s set in the Cyrodiilic ruined magic school. The mode is called Chaosball, and it’s a mix of king of the hill and capture the flag – you need to capture the ball, then protect it for points.

Other changes and fixes include:

  • Various fixes and updates to combat, gameplay, Alliance War, crafting, dungeons, balance, questing, and more
  • Improvement to Guild functionality including Guild Invite History and a new View Guild Bank Gold rank permission
  • Improvements to Crafting functionality including research cancelling and more
  • Customizable Combat Cues from the Settings menu
  • Improvements to itemization, including Guild Store furniture previews
  • Updates to the master Writ Merchant’s inventory
  • New Furnishings and a new home Hakkvild’s High Hall.
  • Champion Point increase from 630 – 660
  • Three new Crafting Motifs: Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni (ESO: Morrowind owners only)
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