Final Fantasy XV Update Adds New Recipe - Full Patch Notes

Square Enix has prepared a new update for Final Fantasy XV, and it goes up on May 24th. The full patch notes reveal bug fixes, a new dish added to Ignis’ cooking repertoire and a survey about future updates in the title screen. Also, the photo that won the Second Snapshot Contest is now in the Hammerhead restaurant gallery.

Final Fantasy XV Update Adds New Recipe - Full Patch Notes
Final Fantasy XV Update Adds New Recipe – Full Patch Notes

Square Enix continues with their support of Final Fantasy XV as promised, with a new update that will go up on May 24th. They took into account the voice of the community as well, and added a new recipe to the game, which was the top-requested dish in a survey in Taiwan. Ignis can now prepare “Stinky Tofu with a Mellow Flavor”. It better have some impressive stat boosts, because it sure doesn’t sound too appetizing.

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Continuing Square’s trend of listening to fans, the new update adds a survey about future updates to the game’s title screen. You have until late June to voice your opinions on what you want to see in FFXV down the line. Also, you can view the 2nd Snapshot Contest winner in the restaurant in Hammerhead. The update also fixes some glitches, most notably the one that would occasionally close the game from the Timed Quest rankings screen.

Below are the full patch notes from the May update (translation from Japanese courtesy of Gematsu).

  • As per the results of a survey in Taiwan, “Stinky Tofu with a Mellow Flavor” has been added to Ignis’ cuisine.
  • The winning photograph in the 2nd Snapshot Contest is displayed at the restaurant in Hammerhead.
  • A survey regarding future updates has been added to the title screen. (This survey will end in late June.)
  • Fixed a bug that would forcibly close the game when on the Timed Quest rankings screen.
  • Fixed various bugs.
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