Lineup for Xbox Live Gold June 2017 – get $94 in value

Microsoft has made the announcement of Games with Gold for June 2017 for their subscribers and this month has quite a list of games on offer. Let us take a look at the list in more detail.

For Xbox 360 we are looking at two games:

  • From June 1 to June 15 – Assassin’s Creed III (normally $19.99) (plays on Xbox One) – Third by title, but fifth in total, this is a direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. It was released in 2012 to great review and excellent sales, although the PC version did suffer from some issues.
  • From June 16 to June 30 – Dragon Age: Origins (normally $14.99) (plays on Xbox One) – Another third in the list, Inquisition is a sequel to Origins and Dragon Age II, this action RPG received raving reviews as well.

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Xbox One include the following:

  • Available for the whole month – SpeedRunners (normally $14.99) – this multiplayer side-scrolling racing game was developed by DoubleDutch Games which came a long way from being a free web browser game.
  • Available for the whole month – Phantom Dust Multiplayer DLC Pack (normally $14.99) – The re-release of the action strategy Phantom Dust came out just recently and the multiplayer is now available for free.
  • From June 16 to July 15 – Watch Dogs (normally $29.99) – Ubisoft’s open world third person shooter-hacker game saw release in May 2014, on every platform available at the time, including Wii U.

Microsoft has a very fine offer for Xbox Games with Gold this month, with some serious Game of the Year material of the previous years. It would be interesting to see what Sony will be providing for the next month, as they currently have the upper hand. With news of 26 million current PS Plus subscribers, it would be a shame to see Sony fall behind in their offer of games, but it must be said that recent months have been slim pickings.

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