Final Fantasy 16 Increase Inventory Size, Upgrade Inventory Slots

Not sure how to increase inventory size in Final Fantasy 16? The next instalment in the legendary Japanese RPG series is finally here! Set in a mysterious world inspired by the European Middle Ages, it boasts a vast new world ready to be explored. In this guide, we explain how to expand inventory and get more slots in FF16. This will help with that annoying Final Fantasy XVI “insufficient inventory space” message.

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Final Fantasy 16 Increase Inventory Size, Upgrade Inventory Slots
Final Fantasy XVI Increase Inventory Size

How to Increase Inventory Size in Final Fantasy 16 and Get more Item Slots

The moment you start your adventure across the fictional world of Valisthea, you’ll soon learn that the inventory is rather limited. The FF16 “insufficient inventory space” message will pop up often. Hence, you probably want to know how to upgrade your inventory in Final Fantasy 16. Is this possible? Yes, it is! To increase Final Fantasy 16 inventory size, you must complete a couple of quests which will grant you Inventory upgrades. So, where to find these Inventory upgrade locations in FF16?

There are two Inventory Size upgrades in FFVXI. Each one will increase the carrying capacity of potions and buffs. The first Inventory Size upgrade is a reward for completing the Weird Science side quest. This quest starts in The Hideaway, and it becomes available once you complete the Letting Off Steam III main quest. Owain, the Engineer will give you this quest in the Hideaway. He will ask you for help in obtaining a special bomb. He needs this bomb in order to complete his new invention. You will need to slay the Bomb King in the Crock and gather bomb ash.

The second Final Fantasy 16 increase Inventory upgrade is a reward for completing the Even Weirder Science side quest. This time around, Owain will ask you to bring him the spherical echoes he needs to complete a new invention. This can be found in Lostplume, Advent, and the Silent Sough. With that said, that’s how you upgrade inventory slots in FF16.

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