Final Fantasy 16 Best Belts Locations

Not sure what is the best belt in Final Fantasy 16? When it comes to armor and gear in the latest mainline Final Fantasy game, options are limited to belts and vambraces. However, that only makes them even more important for your defensive stats. Here’s where to find the best belts in FF16.

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Final Fantasy 16 Best Belts Locations
Final Fantasy XVI Best Belts Locations

What is The Best Belt in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 reinvents the FF formula in numerous ways. Some offer rich and deep customisation in terms of gameplay, but others are relatively bare-bone. The latter is true for your armor gear in FFXVI. Namely, in terms of your base armor, you can only equip belts and vambraces. And they only provide a base boost to your defensive stats (Defense and Health). However, despite being simple on the surface, they are the backbone of Clive Rosfield, the main character. It is essential to upgrade these stats if you are planning to survive in the action-packed combat of FFXVI. So, what are the best belts in FF16? Here they are:

  • Circle of Heaven (85 Defense / 24 Health)
  • Ouroboros (95 Defense / 32 Health)

You will be able to craft the Circle of Heaven belt once you complete the Streets of Madness main quest. Alternatively, it can also be bought from Goetz during this quest. However, the Ouroboros is by far the best belt in Final Fantasy XVI in terms of raw stats. Its 95 Defense and 32 Health are unparalleled in this category. You will be able to craft it after you complete the Blacksmith’s Blues III side quest. The side quest is available at The Hideaway, given by August. It unlocks during the “Like Father, Like Daughter” main story quest. You will only need to talk with Blackthorne and see why he is upset. Once you complete the quest, you will receive the Ouroboros Design Draft.

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