Explore Lostwing Final Fantasy 16 Louder than Words

In our Explore Lostwing Final Fantasy 16 Louder than Words guide, we will explain how to complete this step of the quest. It’s pretty simple; all you have to do is follow where the mission takes you, and you’ll be golden. Still, there is a chance that you might get stuck for whatever reason. So, let’s see how to complete the Louder than Words Explore Lostwing step in FF16.

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explore lostwing final fantasy 16 louder than words
Explore Lostwing Final Fantasy 16 Louder than Words

Explore Lostwing in FF16 Louder than Words Quest – Final Fantasy XVI

There are three things that you need to to do complete the “Explore Lostwing” step in the Louder than Words quest in Final Fantasy 16, or FF16. However, the whole thing basically just boils down to following the quest marker on the screen. The first step is to visit the Lostwing obelisk, to which the quest will take you. Next, you need to go to the center of the town, near the water. That’s where you’ll find a little girl among a bunch of boxes and other cargo. Sure, she’s hiding, but the marker will take you straight to her. Talk to the girl, and you’ll find out that the next place to visit is the church. To see where both of those places are, take a look at the screenshots below.

Once you enter the church, the “Explore Lostwing” step of the Louder than Words quest in FF16 or Final Fantasy 16 will be over. The next thing you have to do is run after a soldier through the cellar passage. It’s literally just a corridor with no branching paths, you can’t lose him. The final step is fighting a miniboss, Chirada. It’s not an easy fight per se, but it’s also pretty simple. What I mean is, Chirada’s attacks have clear and long windups, and the monster never really does any combos or anything. So, it all boils down to wailing on the boss until you see an attack coming. Dodge out of the way and then keep pummeling Chirada until it goes down.

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