FF16 Griffin Location, Blacksmith’s Blues Dozmare

In our FF16 Griffin Location, Blacksmith’s Blues Dozmare guide, we are going to show you where to find the griffin location in the Final Fantasy 16 side quest. We will also explain what to do if the quest appears to be stuck at the “use the Hunt Board to locate the griffin” step, which seems to happen quite often. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

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ff16 griffin location blacksmiths blues dozmare
FF16 Griffin Location, Blacksmith’s Blues Dozmare

Where is Griffin in Final Fantasy 16, Blacksmith’s Blues Dozmare Location

The location of the Dozmare, or the griffin in the Blacksmith’s Blues quest in Final Fantasy 16 (aka FF16) is in the Norvent Valley part of The Holy Empire of Sanberque. Basically, you want to start your search at the fast travel point in Lostwing. From there, you just push to the southeast until you get to Norvent Valley, then keep going. The location of the Dozmare itself is just south of the Caer Norvent River Gate. Take a look at our screenshots below to see exactly where you need to go. The griffin is going to appear as you approach the wall of the castle. You know what you must do, so best of luck.

And there you go, that’s where you find the location of the griffin or Dozmare in the FF16 or Final Fantasy 16 Blacksmith’s Blues side quest. Now, at one point, the game asks you to “use the Hunt Board to locate the griffin.” This usually means that you need to go to The Mess and talk to the Moogle floating next to the Hunt Board. The critter’s name is Nektar, and you need to ask it about the griffin. However, it seems that some people run into a problem here. Namely, the game gets stuck on the “use the Hunt Board to locate the griffin” step. Don’t worry, you didn’t lock yourself out by accident. Just go and find the Dozmare, and the quest will proceed normally, regardless of what the top right says.

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