Become Model in BitLife

To become a model in Bitlife, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops and will probably have to reroll your character a few times. And if you are doing it for the Blond Bombshell challenge, you have to meet even more requirements, such as working in a factory first. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to do to check off this step of the challenge. Let’s begin!

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become model in bitlife
Become Model in BitLife

Bitlife Become a Famous Model After Working in a Factory

To become a famous model after working in a factory in the Bitlife Blonde Bombshell challenge, you have to have a very high Looks stat from the very beginning. You want to be born with Looks at 90 if possible. Obviously, for this particular challenge, you want to be female at birth (AFAB, if you will) in Los Angeles. If you just want to be a famous model, the gender and location of birth don’t matter. Anyway, after being born pretty, you want to start going on walks and to the gym and salons as soon as you reach the age where those options unlock. You can safely ignore everything else. Keep the Looks stat above 90 if possible and definitely well above 80. Age up until you finish high school and are 18, which is when you can seek out a job.

The next step to become a famous model in the Bitlife Blonde Bombshell challenge is to look for the Foot Model job in the job listings. Of course, you first need to work in a factory for a bit, but switch to Foot Model as soon as you see it appear. Then, you want to keep hitting the Work Harder button whenever presented with the option, up to about 70 hours a week. If all goes well, you’re progress from Foot Model to Hand Model, then Catalogue Model, followed by Lingerie Model and finally Runway Model. Keep at it until you become a famous model.

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