Best Dragon Raid Team Cookie Run Kingdom

The Great Dragon Raid is a now available in Cookie Run Kingdom. In this game mode, you are going to go up against the legendary Red Dragon. This Dragon is going to drop scales which you can then use to buff up your Cookies. Once buffed, you will want to deal as much damage to it so that you can defeat it. So, this is divided into two phases – one in which you want to farm as many of these scales as you can, and the second phase – where you need to maximize your damage to the Dragon. Because of this, you’re going to need the ideal Dragon showdown team for both in CRK. So here is the best Dragon Raid Team in Cookie Runk Kingdom.

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Best Dragon Raid Team Cookie Run Kingdom
Best Dragon Raid Team Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Team for Dragon Raid in Cookie Run Kingdom

Again, there are actually two best teams for this CRK Dragon Raid. The first team should concentrate on Dragon Scale farming, while the second team should be the damage-dealing one. So let’s start with the Dragon Scale farm team, which consists of the following Cookies: Milky Way Cookie, Tarte Tatin Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Rye Cookie, and Cotton Cookie. The goal with this team is to get the maximum daily amount of Dragon Scales – 100 – each day. Note that, once you reach 1500 Dragon Scales, no further Scales are going to drop.

So once you have farmed all of the scales that you can and used them to level up all of the Buffs to Level 10, you can then think about finishing off the Dragon. To do this, you are going to need a team that can deal the most damage possible to it. We recommend that this team consists of: Mala Sauce Cookie, Tarte Tatin Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Rye Cookie, and Macaron Cookie.

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