For Honor Warden - How to Play

Warden is the vanguard hero in For Honor’s Knights faction. They’re versatile and straight-forward – the game recommends them as one of the easier to handle heroes. They have a good balance between offensive and defensive abilities, being dressed in plate armor and wielding a longsword. There are a few quirks you should be aware of, but this is a great way to dive into the game. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to play Warden in For Honor, their feats and moveset.

for honor warden how to play

Warden Overview

Here are the Warden’s Hero Modifiers:
  • Renown: Allows them to earn more Bounty when they’re fighting multiple opponents, killing enemy soldiers or capturing objectives.
  • Light Attack Combo: Your second right or left Light Attack will automatically hit if the first one did.
  • Shoulder Bash after Light Attacks: Press the Shield Break button after a light attack and you’ll perform a Shoulder Bash.
  • Crushing Counterstrike: A top Light Attack can counter your opponent’s top attack.
Here’s their moveset:

Chain 1Light Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack
Chain 2Light Attack, Heavy Attack
Chain 3Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
Rushing SlashPress L stick and Heavy Attack
Crushing CounterstrikePush R stick upward and press Heavy Attack
Shoulder BashDodge, Shield Break

Warden Feats

There are four feat slots, each with 3 feats to choose from. Only the first one is unlocked at the start – the others are unlocked by playing.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Fiat Lux
Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds
Body Count
Passive: Killing soldiers gives you health and stamina
Come at me
Gain more Renown from kills
Thick Blood
Passive: Gain immunity from bleed damage
Allied minions fight harder
Passive: Capture and upgrade control points faster
Pugno Mortis
Throw an explosive projectivle doing AoE damage
Second Wind
Recover some health
Throws make enemies fall down
Stalwart Banner
Nearby allies regenerate health
Call a catapult strike
Morale Booster
Improve nearby allies’ attacks for a while

Warden Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the ways you can use the Warden in combat effectively:
  • Their strongest single attack is the top heavy.
  • Their heavy attacks have good range – you can use them to keep enemies at bay.
  • You can chain together light attacks with shoulder bashes to stunlock an unsuspecting enemy.
  • Use the shoulder bash to hurt enemies using the environment – shove them into a bonfire, or off a cliff.
  • If you bash an enemy into the wall, they will be stunned for longer.

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  1. N

    Can anyone explain how to punter basic attacks? I know the warden has a devastating counter to an overhand attack but I mean can you parry attacks on general? Is there a timing element? A specific button press? Anything other than just a simple block? Thanks all.

    1. M

      Hey there Nick.

      When an enemy attacks you the arrow will turn red and flash white ones right before it hits you. All you need to do to parry is press heavy attack at that white flash. You will then parry it. Patty also works against attacks that are unlockable!

      One small mistake in this guide though:

      To do the crushing counterstrike as a warden, you need to parry an overhead attack with a LIGHT attack instead of a heavy. If you do it with a heavy you’ll do a normal parry. You can’t parry any other direction with a light attack though, so watch out for that.

      1. V

        Can you only crushing counterstrike against heavy attacks? or also light ones?

        1. I

          Any overheard.

  2. G

    A lot of these directions are wrong

  3. A

    All the level 2 stuff are the ones you unlock from the start

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